Sunday, 19 August 2012

thrifting & gifting

My first Johnson cake stand, found during last weekends trip to Sydney, and yes it was still in its box.

A spot of Fire King ware, 50c

And some lovely gifts were both given and received...

twas our 5 year anniversary
(by the way this perfume smells absolutely divine).

First week down in my new workplace as well and I survived. The staff are lovely and helpful and I'm slowly learning my way around.

I've got a couple of days off now. A bit more sewing to do (with the possibility of an exciting new venture in store. I don't want to get too excited yet but I've got my fingers and toes crossed), and tomorrow a bit of op-shopping is on the agenda.



  1. WOW! ...still in the box...WOW!!

  2. Lovely things as always Zara...the cake stand in the box is very special! Happy anniversary too! I found a whole bag of Little Golden Books this week for $2.50 and thought of you :)

  3. Happy five year anniversary.
    The Johnson cake stand is a perfect find for you. I also found a 3 Little Golden books at my thrift shop yesterday and I thought of you as well.
    Glad you have settled well into your new job. :)

  4. Johnson's still int he box! I did not know such treasures existed!!!

  5. such delights! enjoy your days off :)

  6. great finds as always zara..and happy anniversary..

  7. What a lovely Johnson plate! How adorable is the lime green Fire King bowl - hard to find that colour now.

    Don't keep us in suspense too long (re possible new venture), prolonged suspense is not good for my BP!!

    Enjoy your days off, Zara, I hope you have lots of sunshine and some thrilling finds as you venture around the Op Shops.

  8. .. and congratulations on your 5 years together. x

  9. Alison Lester is one of our favourite authors. Looks like you were spoilt. Absolutely love the cake stand too. How lucky to find it in its box. Fantastic!

  10. Happy anniversary. Love the precious cake stand, it is devine!:)


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