Thursday 30 May 2013

1 parcel, 2 parcel

a bit quiet from me here. being offered a couple of extra days of work this week has been perfect timing though with gas, electricity, water and phone bills all arriving in the letter box within a few days of each other... yes not so welcome. but today not one but two very welcome parcels arrived by mail. a lovely give-away parcel from a new favourite blog butter and buntings. filled with vintage goodies and handcrafted cards and tags. thank you lovely lady.
Taryn is also hosting a vintage button swap, the more the merrier so if you'd like to add to a bit of variety to those numerous button filled fowlers jars or floral printed tins then add your name.
and the second parcel held some new winter booties from the horse. and they are perfect. such soft leather and very well made. and with a work birthday dinner next week they'll be paired with tights, my latest dress creation and a brooch.

and of course parcels mean post bags and post bags make the perfect little cat cubby.


Sunday 26 May 2013

stills: painting, reading, freezing

1. trying my hand at a bit of watercolour painting
2. like grandma used to make. borrowed from the library and now added to my wish list
3. homemade bread rolls for mini burgers
4. the girls are growing
5. and they have discovered how tasty vegie seedlings are so the picket fence went up around the vegie beds
6. cool mornings here, frozen water dishes and all

Wednesday 22 May 2013



a collection of my latest op-shopped goodies.

linen t towels ($1) the first one with that bright pink is my favourite
LGBs (50c)
little cat tin (50c) perfect for holding buttons
opalescent dish ($10) awaiting the first eggs from our chooks
new in the box glass and jug set ($2)
and more silverware (10-50c a piece)

Sunday 19 May 2013



1. more op-shopped art ($7). yes i've run out of hooks on the wall to hang anymore pictures
2. a shopping day in the ACT resulted in a stainless steel bowl for the kitchen aid
3. enjoying this locally made sauce on ice-cream
4. the newest series of gourmet farmer
5. a cushion cover ready to be gifted
6. enjoying a feed of apple

Friday 17 May 2013

keeping chickens

with the chicken family of 5 fitting nicely into my plans of self-sustainability and a permaculture based garden i am trying to raise and keep the chooks as healthy and free from chemicals as possible. i have listed a few of my favourite tips and tricks to keeping healthy and happy chooks.

adding apple cider vinegar and garlic to their water. i add a couple of crushed, peeled garlic cloves, and about 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to their water dishes. these additions help deter red mite, aids in digestive health, acts as an antiseptic and also keeps the water dish free from bacteria and algae. the garlic is an immune booster (as it is with us people too) and is also a natural wormer. i try to replace the water, garlic and apple cider vinegar at least twice a week.

allowing the girls to free range in the garden eating bugs, plants and dust bathing. now the two Wheaten Marans free range the whole yard but the young Light Sussex remain in their relocatable tractor which we move several times a day, following the autumn sunshine. they are still fairly small and we don't want to tempt the cats to a feathered toy or three.

adding herbs to their shed and nest box. i have bunches of rosemary tied with twine hanging up. plus i hope to add to this lavender and lemon balm. the herbs help in deterring pests as well as creating a nice fragrance in the shed. or coop pot pourri.

an occasional treat of plain natural yoghurt is popular. the good bacteria in the yogurt helps maintain a healthy gut. plus there's all the calcium and other goodness of yoghurt too.

feed them the kitchen scraps. silver beet stems, tomato and apple cores, banana peels all go into a 'scrap bucket'. the girls get first pick of what they want and what's left gets tipped into the worm farms.

using food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) both applied directly onto the chooks and sprinkled in their straw bedding. DE is fossilised algae. it kills hard-shelled insects. and very effectively i might add. we noticed the chooks had some lice and after one application the lice were gone. a week later we applied more to be sure and the chooks are happy and lice-free. a sprinkling of DE into their layer pellets also ensures internal parasites are kept under control. i sourced this online and can highly recommend it. it has plenty of other uses too.

and a favourite resource is this book- Free range chicken gardens: how to create a beautiful, chicken-friendly yard, by Jessi Bloom. this was a gift to my other half at easter and it is full of practical information and beautiful photos. the lists of chicken friendly plants is especially useful.

do you have chooks? or dream of one day having a couple clucking in the garden and collecting fresh eggs for breakfast?
i'd love to hear your chicken keeping tips too.

Sunday 12 May 2013


this week I have:

1. admired the beautiful photos and simple styling tips in my newest book purchase: a place called home by Jason Grant
2. showed off a few snippets of my very vintage inspired home
3 & 4. op-shopped this still-in-the-packet west German made tablecloth for $1, & found the milk glass partner for the salt shaker
5. had a haircut
6. started the immunisation course for work
7. enjoyed my favourite herb on homemade pizzas: thyme
8. and most excitingly welcomed some new additions to the chook family: 3 light sussex girls

Saturday 11 May 2013

vintage styling at home.

welcome to my home: filled to the brim with treasures of the vintage, collected, op-shopped and gifted variety (my favourites). i'm joining in with the retro/vintage inspired corner of my home hosted by Kylie of lucy violet vintage and Donna of hung up on retro, on this sunny autumn Saturday. & also a happy little coincidence that Kim of feather & nest has a second-hand styling link happening too.

so welcome... and come on in.
(tray: thrifted. pitchfork: thrifted)
(painting and easel: op-shopped)

the hall gallery...
(art: op-shop and garage sale)

reading material to your left.
(mostly op-shopped)

(pottery: op-shopped. shears: markets)

into the dining area. yes the milk glass collection is still growing.
(dresser: clearing sale. milk glass: op-shopped and gifted)

a teacup or two atop the LGB stash.
(tea cups: op-shopped. Johnson ware and LGB's: op-shopped and gifted)

(canisters, trivet and milk glass: op-shopped. measuring cup: the essential ingredient, Orange)

into the kitchen and I shall put the kettle on. the KitchenAid has been busy...condensed milk and chocolate muffins.
(Raspberry Ice Kitchen Aid: 21st birthday gift. bird t towel art: handmade)
sugar in your cuppa.
(placemats: handmade. silverware, sugar bowl and table: op-shopped)

make yourself at home.
(basket, blankets, lounge, patchwork quilt: op-shopped. t towel cushion: handmade from thrifted finds. cowhide rug: Lucknow skin and boot barn)
(foot stool: op-shopped. coffee table: gifted)

(grinder, crockery, milk glass and fan: op-shopped).
so there you have it. a few little corners of my home.
would love to see your vintage and retro inspired homes, the more the merrier I say.