Sunday 31 March 2013

stills: easter & birthday cake


1. my easter gift
2. a tea box full of zippers
3. as i sit at the sewing machine the cotton spool collection is my view
4. a sweet little prize won over at Christina's lovely blog. a cocktail ring created by Berlin Roses
5. soaking up the autumn sunshine
6. the fiances birthday today. coinciding nicely with easter. their was delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for afternoon tea
7. and a gift of a birth year cushion (thank you for the t towel Kylie)

Thursday 28 March 2013

vignette it.


little vignettes from around the house.
yesterday was inspection day so a good excuse to change around the decor (and give all those surfaces a good dust).
with all the op-shopping and collecting there are very few bare shelves, tables or cupboard tops here.
but i like it that way. i love being able to display pieces, to change them around as the desire strikes. to make new vignettes with new favourite pieces as a starting point.
for me the most aesthetically appealing vignettes feature:
- objects of differing heights
- a natural element: a vase of flowers or a sprig of herbs, foliage, a birds nest
- an uneven number of pieces
- layered objects for interest and depth
- a variety of textures
- connection: a theme: floral, kitchen, colour

think outside the box when putting your shelf/table/desk/cupboard top display together:
- jars full of feathers, seed pods or buttons
- prints, magazine images, postcards and washi tape
- trays and plates
- twine, ribbon and string
- teacups and milk jugs as vases
- favourite books (stacked to create height & a platform for another object)
- framed artwork and photos

do you have a favourite vignette in your home? did the objects just 'come' together when grouped?

Sunday 24 March 2013


the second footstool has its new tea towel upholstery.
more goodies from the 'open Friday' op-shop
today's swap meet was a good source of milk glass. these few made their way home with us
daisies in the front garden
raising more seedlings to fill in the gaps
silver beet, basil and beetroot in the vegie beds

Friday 22 March 2013

a tea towel clad cushion & a thank you

well there's this lovely blogger.
who is so very generous.
you may have spied this Sydney tea towel over on her blog.
well it was gifted to me.
and made into a cushion cover.
paired with a green floral backing.
it joins the rest of the tea towel clad cushions on the lounge.
thank you Kylie.
also thank you to all those lovely comments on the dress i made. it is the generosity and kindness of the blogging community that brings a smile to my face.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

vintage sheet dress

the vintage fair on the weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my first (successful and complete) dress constructed from a vintage floral sheet. i'm very happy with how it turned out and am currently cutting out another one ready to stitch up.
now the zip is a bit wonky and the hem may be a bit uneven but i figure practice makes perfect and with this dress being so comfy and the ideal base for Autumn layering i should have the construction perfected as i make one in every colour of the rainbow.
this turned out to be an inexpensive piece too. 50c for the pattern from Vinnies, $2 for the sheet and 50c for the zipper.

joining in with wardrobe wednesday

Sunday 17 March 2013

stills: out and about


1 &2. a bit of everything in a vase- rosemary, nasturtiums, apple leaves, daisies, roses & sunchokes
3 & 4. op-shopped plates
5. saturday afternoons activity
6. spotted these little fellows in a nearby paddock
7. this mornings outing to the Vintage Fair
8. & i got to wear my newly made vintage sheet dress

have a wonderful week.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Eloise Wilkin and LGBs

Eloise Wilkin illustrations & Little Golden Books, two of my favourite things.
a little bit of reorganising and sorting of the LGB collection this week revealed the lovely little cluster of beautiful watercolours and pencil drawings held behind those golden spines .


same story and illustrations. different titles.

cover colour changes.

different covers. same story and illustrations inside

and again.

Eloise Wilkin illustrated a total of 47 LGB titles...
the collecting continues.