Friday 30 August 2013

around home: the last days of winter

with the final days of winter here it's a flurry of activity around the house and garden. it really is a lovely time of the year for getting outside in the sunshine and for freshening and rearranging indoors.

the beautifully composted bottom tray of the worm farm has been added to the vegie beds all ready for spring planting. and the garden beds are full of worms too, with the mushroom compost beautifully rich and sweet smelling. there's grand plans for pumpkin and watermelon vines clambering over fences and the shed roof. tomatoes and basil and beans too.

an egg a day from the chooks is a very welcome addition to the menu (though two of the chooks appear to be a bit more rooster than chook so there may be some returns when the early morning crowing begins).

on the food front, there's a bit of a health kick happening. cutting out the bread and just simply sticking to the wholefood, back-to-basics idea. fresh juices and smoothies here I come.

on the bedside table at the moment are super grains: eat your way to great health by Chrissy Freer and the good life: four glorious seasons in my country garden by Sarah O'Neil; both of which I am enjoying.

as for sewing and setting up shop it's slow and steady progress. not much sewing this past week though I plan on getting stuck into it shortly. the whole shop idea can be a bit overwhelming at times.

how are you spending these final days of winter?


Sunday 25 August 2013

stills: blossom and Bowral

1. a little nest discovered on an afternoon walk
2. blossom everywhere
3. reading material
4. a trip to Bowral and a visit to this lovely store/café
5. lunch: pumpkin and goats cheese tart tatin

Thursday 22 August 2013

look what i found this morning...

the first beautiful, freshly laid egg. it sure brought a smile to my face.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

wearing: tea towel dress


the second dress post in a month... i’m on a roll. though i can’t claim this creation as my own work. this beauty was made by the lovely Annie of Pearl & Elspeth. with native flora and blue fairy wren covered linen tea towels, and doilies come pockets. i love this dress and can see it getting more and more wear as the weather warms up. and this pretty necklace, is from Christina's 'design your own' range with twenty colours to choose from.

dress: Pearl and Elspeth
necklace: Christina Lowry Designs
boots: the horse
joining in with Wardrobe Wednesday.

Sunday 18 August 2013

stills: biscuit tins & beads

1. i received this tin from the lovely Allison
2. and inside was an assortment of treasures (thank you Al)
3. these delicious (and guilt-free) bickies were baked (from the petite kitchen cookbook)
4. i got to wear my new Pearl and Elspeth dress and Christina Lowry Designs beads (i shall share more pics shortly)
5. cards and gifts.. yesterday was our 6th anniversary
6. enjoying Mollie Makes magazine

Friday 16 August 2013

out-and-about: Berrima

our days off coincided this week so a little drive up the highway and we ended up at Berrima, a quaint little town with lovely old buildings lining the streets.
a visit to the lolly shop and the old preserves shop later and we had bags laden with fudge, chocolates, boiled sweets and jars of apricot and passionfruit jam.
a rather fancy lunch of lamb, smashed chats and caramelised celery made for a lovely sunny winters day out.
have you discovered any little nearby towns that you just love to visit?

Sunday 11 August 2013

stills: sewing and sunshine

1. three timber doors become a new bedhead
2. a $5 garage sale find, this little timber box is much needed sewing table storage
3. and I have been spending a bit of time here, at the sewing machine stitching triangles. in the hope of opening a little online shop
4. fresh straw in the chook shed makes for a nice cat bed too it seems
5. perfect winter days mean discovering lovely walking tracks around town. plus a sit in the sunshine at our favourite little café

joining in with Em's weekly stills.

Thursday 8 August 2013

slowly but surely: shop

the internet here is on the go-slow. which in a way has been a blessing in disguise. slowly but surely I am working towards a new little project. one piece of floral fabric at a time.. cutting. pinning. stitching. ironing. label attaching.
all in the hope of opening a little online shop to sell my handmade wares.
the plan is to start small and with what I know best how to make..with bunting and tea towel cushion covers.

so from you my lovely readers I would love to hear your tips on selling your wares. maybe ideas on photography. and something that I am really struggling with: pricing.

Sunday 4 August 2013

stills: vintage linens and macaroons


1. i received my lovely Pearl & Elspeth dress, handmade by Annie. i shall share shortly.
2. i wore my newly finished vintage sheet dress
3. with sunny spots everywhere outside mitten prefers her sunshine indoors
4. & 5. pretty scenery on a Friday drive. of coarse there was op-shopping involved.
6. & 7. trying my hand at (packet mix) macaroons. a success. next time they'll be made from scratch
8. & 9. i spent this afternoon sorting the linen collection. now there's separate suitcases for sheets, tablecloths, pillow slips and tea towels. 10 cases in all.
10. the end of July saw my Winter Birthday give-away close. the winner was Deborah Lee of sunshine time. thank you to all those who entered. it was truly lovely to read through all your comments. i'm already looking forward to holding my next give-away.
have a wonderful week. x