Wednesday, 31 July 2013

wearing: vintage sheet dress

my newly constructed vintage sheet dress, complete with doily pocket (the best dresses always have a pocket or two, i think).
perfect for layering too. come spring I will be pairing this dress with a light cardigan and grey tights.
this shift style of dress is a new favourite of mine.. both easy to sew with only 4 pattern pieces, and easy to wear. all up this dress cost under $5 for the pattern and materials.

dress: made by me from a polycotton floral sheet
coat: Myer (last years winter purchase, and has come in very handy in these cool climates)
tights: cotton on
boots: the softest leather, Elsie from The Horse. (i have these oxfords on my wish list too)
brooch: made by the lovely Melinda of Moose and Bird (shop and blog)
earrings: buttons from the collection
bracelet: Koolaman Designs (21st birthday gift)


Sunday, 28 July 2013

stills: floral dress and fire king

1. started and finished a dress made from a floral sheet, now to go through the doily stash in search of the perfect lacey pocket
2. thrifted fire king jug, to match the little bowl ($1)
3. thrifted pastel Gayware canister (50c)
4. these two passed the library test and were this week added to the collection
5. this little chook, nicknamed lighty, with her pale speckled neck and yellow legs has taken a liking to the verandah
6. heavy frosts and minus 4 degree temps have been the norm this past week


Friday, 26 July 2013

this weekend.

this weekend I don't have to worry about word counts, referencing or catch-up schedules.
no commitments.. no where to be.
you will find me in front of the sewing machine, pin cushion and scissors beside me, vintage floral sheet in my lap, and a new pattern to try out.
and when the afternoon sun hits the front verandah i shall be sitting out one of the new deckchairs ($5 each at a garage sale) with a copy of Hello May- full of pretty weddings. there's also plenty of beautiful images on the blog too. i do love a good handmade wedding.
(no wedding date set here yet but i'm always up for starting my inspiration journal).

what do you have planned for the weekend?

p.s Mezz of mezz makes stuff has a handmade card swap running, and there's still time to join in the creative fun. think stamps, pictures from vintage children's books, doilies, washi tape and water colours. pop on over.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

10 little tea towels

back to my usual days of work so that means back to my usual op-shopping adventures. these 10 little tea towels were waiting all stacked together. they don't even appear to have been used and at only 50c each how could I not bring them home. perfect for more cushions. and with my final assignment nearly finished i'll be able to enjoy guilt-free sewing time again. and reading, baking, water colouring and gardening too.
joining in with Max's op-shop show-off.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

stills: water colours and dust bathing



1. a new Johnson design (c/o Kylie)
2. a new addition to the pantry: the most delicious sultanas
3. cold frosty mornings = hot porridge and honey
4. & 5. cafĂ© dining in front of the open fireplace
6. helping with the washing in between downpours
7. more watercolour painting
8. little lettuces
9. dust bathing in the sunshine
joining in as always with Em's weekly still collection.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013


my days of late..
working extra shifts. administrative rather than nursing. i'm enjoying the change.
completing my final assignment for the immunisation course. struggling a little bit to get motivated and get it finished though.
getting back into making yoghurt again after a couple of months of break. you can't beat homemade yoghurt drizzled with honey.
receiving some lovely parcels in the mail. pretty vintage linens from Meg and Johnson crockery from Kylie.
sunny yellow wattle blooms and milk glass, the perfect combination of winter sunshine. stems c/o a bit of friendly neighbourhood pruning.. inspired by Kylie.

how are you spending your days of late?
any friendly neighbourhood pruning?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

stills: florals. paint chips. and free-range

1. & 2. empty embroidery hoops became home to vintage florals. paint chip heart garlands were made this week too
3. florals again, this time by the front door
4. more paint chip hearts
5. another tea towel cushion cover, already gifted
6. a much awaited free-range pork delivery from Jonai Farms. the Jonas family raise rare-breed Large Black pigs on their farm near Daylesford, Victoria and have just recently raised enough funds to build an on-farm butchering facility.
7. thrifted floral pillowcases
8. lovely birthday gifts: a new perfume and the softest possum and merino wool scarf
thank you for all the birthday wishes this week.
if you'd like to enter my birthday give-away too, you're more than welcome.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

a birthday. my favourite things and a give-away

today I turned 24, and yes I get a bit excited and do a bit of a birthday countdown just as I did as a child.
so to celebrate I thought I would do some gifting to you, my lovely blog readers. a give-away that is full of my favourite things...

winter + woollen blankets + doilies = a hot-water bottle cover (crafted by me)

vintage tea towels + cushions = a cushion cover

vintage florals + pretty bedding = 2 sunny yellow floral Sheridan pillow slips (op-shopped and still in their original packaging)

vintage florals + doilies + bunting = a 3m length of bunting

milk glass + jewellery + more bunting = a sweet little bunting inspired necklace, with pretty milky-glass

to be in the draw to win the hot-water bottle cover, cushion cover, pillow slips, bunting and necklace just leave a comment below (you don't have to be follower but i'd love it if you were). I shall draw the winner on the last day of this month.

i celebrated this morning at work with a delicious peach cheesecake and this evening am heading out for dinner with my love (actually the first time we've been out for tea since we moved here). so a wonderful day it has been.