Monday 31 March 2014

stills: autumn is in the air

1. birthday gift wrapping for my love
2. where there's an open suitcase there's usually a cat at the ready to curl up in it
3. Country Style reading. I think my favourite issue this year
4. beautiful rain
5. bunting and leaves started to change to hues of orange and yellow

sorry I'm a day late with my weekly stills. yesterday was spent relaxing after a busy week and cake baking.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

a fuchsia dress for the ball

Saturday night was a rare night out. I was invited to attend a ball, a Rainbow Ball which was a fundraising event for the Stillbirth Foundation of Australia and Heartfelt.
The story of Heartfelt really touched me, learning that this photography service is available to families at such an emotional time to capture those precious moments together.
I made a dress for the occasion. the fabric is a new purchase, but I styled it with vintage, op-shopped accessories. a sparkly necklace and earrings and a glow mesh purse. the earrings were originally screw-backed but with the advice of the lovely Christina I was able to convert them to post backs.
the evening was lovely. I got to meet some beautiful ladies and the night raised several thousand dollars for such important organisations.

Sunday 23 March 2014

stills: garden time

1. hello little pumpkin
2. drying sunflower. the seeds will be a treat for the chooks
3. self seeded nasturtiums and sweet peas in the front garden
4. afternoon sunshine and library books. the perfect way to spend a Sunday arvo
5. the chook family
6. windowsill cat

Saturday 22 March 2014

around here.

work tiredness has got me again this week, and blogging has slid back a bit. my week has been pretty good though and the extra pocket money has come at a perfect time with a few unexpected expenses popping up.

first up a sweet, packed full of flavour capsicum. this one went into fried rice and in the background fresh basil from the garden combined with cashews for a quick, easy pesto.

I have received some beautiful mail this week which has been a welcome surprise upon returning home from a day at work. firstly a copy of Pip magazine. you may remember I did a post about supporting pozible campaigns back here, well this permaculture magazine is the result. it's filled with articles on designing and building a greenhouse, medicinal herbs perfect for the upcoming cold and flu season and starting a food forest.
also in the letter box this week are these beautiful hand printed fabrics from another successful pozible campaign: Fictive Fingers.

yesterday I popped into my local oppies and found a few treasures. more doilies which a destined to become bunting and maybe some pockets on a winter dress; a little Johnson jug for $1 and this delightful little case. which when opened revealed a Nally ware picnic set ($5).

today i'll be in front of the sewing machine finishing a dress to wear to a fundraising ball I'm attending tonight. the fabric I'm using is new but all my accessories are op-shopped so I will be sure to share a few snaps with you.

wishing you a relaxed weekend. x

Sunday 16 March 2014

stills: a magazine kind of week.


1. hundreds and thousands mag. this delightful little handmade mag is the creation of Mez and Taz. I was lucky enough to have one of my scalloped garlands feature on the front cover too.
2. & 3. it's been an all round magazine kind of week. copies of Slow, Country Style and Tickle the Imagination all arrived.
4. the chookies out for a scratch around on the lawn
5. a bit of construction this week with a (sort of) sparrow-proof door
6. the vegie garden always makes me smile
7. an op-shopped sheet still in its packaging
8. fresh juices this week. beetroot, carrot, orange, apple and ginger

I've been a bit quiet on the blog front this week. I've started a second job which involves a bit of travelling. it's only a three month position though so I'm making the most of the extra pocket money while I can.

Sunday 9 March 2014

stills: swapping

1. fabric covered buttons.. vintage sheets, a tea towel and a tablecloth
2. i did a bit of rearranging/swapping of furniture and vignettes this week
3. the swap goodies I received from Kimberley for the 'share your country swap'
4. a new Johnson design that I hadn't seen before
5. the vegie garden is powering along
6. this balloon floated by

Thursday 6 March 2014

diy vintage doily scarf

the weather here turned to autumn right on queue. the mornings are crisp with dew on the lawn and the evenings require warm socks and a doona on the bed.
autumn also means boots, tights, a cardigan and a light scarf too.
with the stack of op-shopped doilies slowly growing I decided to make an infinity scarf. it's basically just a collection of doilies and small linens stitched together end to end to create a loop.

1. select a number of doilies/linen handkerchiefs/place mats.
2. decide on their layout. my scarf is about 2m in length, so select enough linens to reach about this length
3. stitch each one to the next to create a 2m length then stitch the 2 ends together to create a loop.

and that's it. simply double over and wear with your favourite cardi, and maybe a pretty brooch too.

Sunday 2 March 2014

stills: in shades of mustard

1. kitchen pretties
2. op-shopped Bessemer ware
3. it's been a drying-washing-inside kind of week. the rain has been lovely though
4. hot chocolates. this was a treat I received in my swap gift from Lisa
5. 'tillie' snuggling in a suitcase
6. pretty light
7. two new op-shopped pillow cases
8. the view from our Sunday afternoon stroll