Wednesday 28 May 2014

happy mail. times 3

parcels in the mail, one of my very favourite things...

first up this delightful little envelope packed full of treasures from Lea of life, love and making stuff. this parcel is part of Lea's lovely little mail swap. (your parcel is on it's way to you).

next the sweetest little LGB to add to the collection all the way from the other side of the country. thank you Kylie.

and lastly this book by Frankie called Spaces. wow. it really is stunning. if you like mismatched furniture and décor, vintage mixed with modern, and unique homely homes then you'll love this book. it features a few of my favourite bloggers homes too. you can purchase a copy here.

have you received any happy mail lately?

Monday 26 May 2014

stills: tip shop and bunting

1. bunting
2. a 'boy' pencil case for my love. with so many florals in the stash picking fabrics was hard
3. these most delicious (and simple) lime and coconut balls. 5 ingredients and a blender/food processor
4. apple and cinnamon muffins for the freezer
5. Country Style reading
6. the newly discovered tip shop. I came home with a chenille bedspread, tablecloth, zippers, an icing spatula and a vintage suitcase all for $10

Thursday 22 May 2014

op-shopped goodies

another little op-shop haul to share with you.
with my second job finishing up (it was only a seasonal/3 monthly thing) I've now got a bit more time for op-shopping and hopefully blogging about it too.

a selection of zippers for $2. the colour names make me smile.. autumn, lime, maize, cinnamon and bottle green
patterns for 50c each
the softest pale blue cardigan ($5). it's been getting plenty of wear too with the crisp days
another macramé magazine (50c)

have you op-shopped any goodies?

Sunday 18 May 2014

stills: bread and soup

1. bread making again after a bit of break
2. a coffee date
3. one pumpkin became soup. some for now, some for the freezer
4. weekend walks
5. pretty foliage on our walk

Sunday 11 May 2014

stills: chooks and books

1. the girls out for a scratch
2. pumpkins purchased from the community garden stall. pumpkin soup here we come
3. wormwood for planting by the chook run
4. last nights firework display from our front verandah
5. an office/craft room rearrange yesterday
6. out for coffee today

Friday 9 May 2014

macramé anyone?

so a bit of a theme developed in this weeks op-shopping. yesterday while browsing through the dress patterns (i'm on the search for an elusive cape/poncho pattern) I came across this macramé plant hanger how-to book published in 1974. with the sticker stating 20c it was quickly payed for and home I went.
then today I popped into the 'Friday op-shop' and spotted this macramé plant hanger by the counter, I asked at the till if it was for sale and in response got 'it's been there for months you can have it'.
so with a milk glass planter from my collection and a little 'jellybean' succulent I now have a new favourite piece in my living room.

are you a macramé fan? it certainly seems to be coming in style again.

Sunday 4 May 2014

stills: pumpkin

1. the cutest little church I ever did see. this one held a lovely little display of quilts at today's Collector Pumpkin Festival
2. pumpkins galore
3. pumpkin fruit cake purchase
4. posters up
5. a little vignette
6. a rather bare vegie garden at the moment