Sunday, 28 October 2012


your thoughts please
what you like seeing and reading about most here at Zaranne Handmade?
anything you'd like to see more of?
less of?

Saturday, 27 October 2012


trying to slow down. live more simply. spend sensibly. not always costing less in the short term but less in the long term in dollars, in resources and the environment. purchasing quality secondhand where possible and paying that bit more for new when necessary for items that will last and last.

reading through Rohan's book has cemented this idea of simple and quality. making the most of the seasons. utilising farmers markets as much as possible. growing what you can. and wholesome meals that need not take hours of preparation to be delicious. as suggested you get what you pay for and if you want quality you usually have to fork out that bit more. in the kitchen especially a few quality basics are a must.

the newest addition at our place is this Lodge cast iron skillet. made in the US. and purchased from one of my favourite shops in much kitchen-y goodness in one spot. yes it was rather pricey as far as fry pans go I guess. but you can feel the quality in it. and with a bit of care it should last a life time and cook many a delicious wholesome meal.

not missing out on a little treat though this shop also has a wonderful range of deli and local foods. a tub of dark chocolate sorbet made it's way from their freezer to ours

crazy patchwork quilt- $5 from the Salvos this week

Saturday, 20 October 2012


1. the thrifted cutlery tray from a little while back turned small display shelf
Print 'sacrifice' by flossy-p
2. Country Style reading
3. brown paper packages tied up with string. wrapping gifts for the Christmas Advent Swap. my swap buddy Naomi at Create-Believe-Dream.
4. half price op-shopped linens equating to $1.50 a sheet
5. the vegie garden continues to grow. Spinach and ricotta rolls were enjoyed for lunch today
6. strawberries slowly getting bigger
i am enjoying days off that actually fall on a weekend, a rarity around here. the weather is really starting to warm up with temps in the high 20's- perfect dress wearing days.. i'm planning on cutting one from a floral sheet from the stash. now just to decide which pretty floral to use.
have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Field Days and Festive Swaps

Our first time attending the Australian National Field Days, and it was well worth it. So much inspiration- chicken tractors and Charolais cattle, stock yards and solar power, worm farms and water tanks. It was all there. The day provided us with a whole lot of incentive to keep on saving (and dreaming) for a fair bit longer.

In festive swap news I've joined in the Handmade Ornament Swap 2012 hosted by the lovely Christina of Christina Lowry Designs.

This delightful Christmas swap is open for you to sign up to until Monday 21st October and is open to all internationally.
You'll have the month of November to craft/stitch/make/create one or two ornaments, it is up to you.
All the details can be found here.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The newest floral addition...

fitting perfectly under the lounge room window this new thrifted addition is a most welcome one folding it out to form a bed reveals even more floral loveliness
making me smile every time I walk by

Monday, 8 October 2012

How does your garden grow

The vegies seem to grow overnight. The plastic arch has been taken down, so hopefully not too many early morning surprise frosts now.
Rocket, silverbeet, broccoli and spring onions.
The rhubarb is thriving, not seeming to have minded the numerous transplants. The strawberries too are the same. I am looking forward to a good crop in a couple of months.
Bean seeds are in. All ready for growing up over the colorbond fence.
Silverbeet and ricotta salad aswell as stewed rhubarb with ice-cream have featured on the menu this past week.

Homegrown sure is worth it.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thrifty Thursday

A nice little haul of a couple of my favourite things- milk glass and Johnson of Australia crockery. All found at different oppies on the same day.
milk glass vase/bowl- $1
milk glass basket- $2
Johnson plate, one of the few pastel pinks I have- 50c
and my first Johnson teapot- $5
The mantel is brimming full with milk glass, unable to hold another piece. I'm now on the lookout for a glass-doored sideboard in which to display it all (good justification for more op-shopping I think).

Monday, 1 October 2012

Christmas Swap

I've just signed up for the Advent Swap over at the newly discovered Catalina's Cottage. I was only just thinking the other day about Christmas crafting and gifting ideas and that if anyone is to get anything handmade this year I'd better get a wriggle on and get going.

This swap involves sending your swap buddy 24 little gifts to open in the days leading up to Christmas and one bigger gift to unwrap come Christmas morning. The presents can be bought, made and thrifted.
The possibilities are really endless- edible treats, op-shopped finds to add to your swap partners collections, tree ornaments, books and magazines, crafting supplies and bathroom goodies.
I'm thinking bunting, seeds for the garden, felt garlands, thrifted silver cutlery, coasters, handmade soaps, nougat, rocky road, button Christmas tree ornaments, a Christmas stocking and cookie cutters.
Open to Australian and NZ residents; you have until October 9 to sign up. You'll be assigned your swap partner on October 16 and have 'til November 20 to create, buy and thrift your gifts to send off.
The more the merrier, so sign up here.