Sunday, 12 August 2012


A few finds from the week with a grand total of $31.

 A couple of bedside cupboards, ready for a bit of a make-over ($10 each).

Cutlery tray (50c)... perfect for the craft room.

 More pastel Johnson ware to add to the collection. It is getting rarer and more expensive around here. Although I did get this bowl at a reasonable price.

$10 for this hay fork. The handle is so smooth, I guess from all its use.


  1. I'm loving the bedside tables!!

  2. Loving the hay fork. What a beauty.
    You certainly have a great knack when it comes to thrifting. I always love seeing what treasures you find.

  3. Cutlery tray 50 cents!!! The hay fork is beautiful. A bit scary though?

  4. That fork terrifies me!
    The Bedside tables will be a fun project.

  5. Waiting to see what you're planning to do to those bedsides Zara and I love your hay fork.

  6. The tables are nice and will certainly provide you with extra storage, but the pitch fork is my favorite. Great treasures this week.

  7. That hay fork is very desirable, Zara! I could do with one of those (and someone to wield it) in my garden right now. Bedside tables - love them; I'll be interested to see them after their 'spruce up'. xx

  8. Great finds!! The bedsides will look fantastic revamped and I would have taken the bowl and tray home too.
    Can't believe you have snow at your house :)

  9. Those little side cupboards will come up a treat :)


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