Sunday, 26 August 2012

At home..

This week there's been a fair bit of early morning and late night cutting, pinning and sewing occurring
A little bit of op-shopping with the Johnson sugar bowl collection gaining a new addition
A wonderful little kitchen shop saw me part with a few dollars in exchange for some new kitchenalia
and with the weather becoming a bit more Spring-like the vegies are showing their appreciation at the sunshine. A worm-wee drink and it shouldn't be long before spinach and ricotta quiche is on the menu again


  1. Oh so lovely.
    I have a dinner set in the pattern of the sugar bowl on the right but no sugar bowl, tea pot etc. I rather like the one on the far left too.

  2. Yes, it is really wonderful to see signs of Spring in the air.

    You have been busy, Zara. I like the glimpse of the baby bibs, and your display of various Johnson patterns.

  3. I was given a tala measuring cup last christmas, what a wonderful thing. You remind me that I have to make some new bunting, my 2 yr old cut my beautiful bunting from Easter when she was scissor mad.

  4. oh what a beautiful collection of sugar bowls Zara. I have never come across one before. Must add baby bibs to my list of things to make too. Yours are gorgeous and I have a 3 new bubbas to make for.

  5. Love your little pile of busy, the johnsonware all lined up like that looks so cute. melx

  6. I'm also a sucker for anything johnson... love your sugar bowls!

  7. such a lovely blog!
    (found via Maggie and Sparrow ...)
    wishing you a happy week,
    Barbara :)

  8. All of the sewing looks simply gorgeous Zara!!!

    Your vegies are looking great too - gotta love what a few warm days and a bit of sun will do, mine are shooting away also..

    jodie :)


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