Friday, 27 January 2012

Happenings + Send it Forward

It's been a pretty busy week, what with nearly all the boxes unpacked and finding a spot for everything. Gee am I glad it's all nearly all done. Moving is pretty stressful, not to mention time consuming and expensive. I wouldn't like to do it too often that's for sure.


The Vintage Sheet FQ swap hosted by Green Tea and Red Nails has come around again, and I've spent a few evenings on the lounge making a total of 100 fat quarters, I was on a bit of a run I think; now they're all ready to be posted off on Monday. I can't wait to receive a whole bunch of prettiness in return.
There's still time to get involved, and you can contribute as many or as few vintage sheet fat quarters as you like (so don't think that you have prepare anywhere near this number). You can sign up here.

A nice little surprise arrived in the mail during the week. Max of Blackbird has spoken became involved in the whole 'Pay it Forward' project, or in the case of my little gift- 'Op-shop it Forward'.

Delightfully wrapped was a wonderful ..

Leunig book, which is currently taking pride of place on the coffee table. Thank you so very much Max.

Now having received a 'Pay it Forward' gift it's my turn to do the same, so I've had to get my thinking cap on as to what on earth I could send to a couple of other bloggers. So I thought in an effort to make good use of a few tea towels from the collection, I'd like to make a couple of cushion covers to give-away.
All that's required from you is to commit to 'Pay it Forward' should you receive a cushion cover from me.

 I showed you a few of the tea towels from the collection in this post, so if there is one in particular you'd like just let me know, otherwise I'll use one from the collection with a design I think you'd like.

I think I'll stick to just choosing and making two at this stage, and I'll see how I go.
Remember to include your email address in your comment if you'd like a chance to receive a 'Pay it Forward' gift.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the house. I adore our new home and am loving decorating it with many a thrifted find.

May you have a fantastic weekend. x


  1. Zara I would love to participate in pay it fwd. What a perfectly fun and thoughtful idea

  2. Zara I would love to participate in pay it fwd. What a perfectly fun and thoughtful idea

  3. Wow look at all those sheets! The pay it forward campaign sounds awesome I'd love to be involved. I do love the orange and pink rose teatowel. xx

  4. Holy Moly, that is a lot of fats Zara and a lovely selection too. I am trying to work out how many I would need to make a queen sized quilt, any idea?
    Love your stack of suitcases too :)

  5. I have a 1984 Australia tea towel on the table for cushionifying right now! You know the pink rose one is my favourite from last time you posted them. Can you show us your cushion sewing process too?

  6. So glad you love your new house Zara. Can I have your address please? I have something for you that I saved when you told us where you were moving to...only a little trifle x

  7. I love your fabrics for the swap. Especially the green floral. I have received a tiny bit of that in a swap before!

  8. 100 FQs and posted so early: you are very diligent! I have a few more sheets to wash today then I can get busy FQing.


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