Friday, 23 January 2015


I've had some lovely finds at the local oppies...
 tooled leather clutch with the cutest coin purse inside ($4). This brings my collection to a grand total of 3.

 2 tier Johnson cake plate. Still in it's box ($5)

pretty florals
this year has seen me sign up for a Diggers Club membership. Looking at all the seeds available is like being in a lolly shop trying to pick which ones I want. Have you ordered through the Diggers Club before? Any varieties you can recommend?

I got to meet up with a lovely blog friend, Jane of A Shady Baker. I've only met with one other blogger before, Susan, so it was a real treat to meet another. it's like we already new each other, which I suppose reading each others blogs for a few years is not surprising.
we talked all things op-shopping, collections, old churches, gardening, sourdough starters, farmers markets and Kitchen Aids.
Jane gifted me this beautiful pastel Johnson ware and some homegrown, homemade treats. thank you Jane.

what have you been up to lately?


  1. Hi have a great eye for the good stuff in the op shops! Love the cake stand! I grow nearly all of my vegetables from Diggers seeds and have mostly had success. One stand out from autumn/winter last year was the broccoli Raab Sessantina Grossa, code S052 very productive! Such a long name! It was lovely to meet you too. Looking forward to catching up again.

    Lately...I have been busy cooking for hungry farming men :)

  2. Great op shop finds, and isn't it lovely to meet a fellow blogger in person?

  3. Snap ! That's exactly the same cake stand I found while out chazzing .How lovely for you to meet Jane, she has such a great blog xxxx

  4. What a lovely tooled wallet specimen, no surprise I like it! And that Johnson plate thingy is so pretty. Looks like you find some great stuff at your local oppies! Xx

  5. Headed out thrifting today... thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Just love the cake stand. I will keep an eye out for tooled leather bags for you, I often seen them. And meeting a fellow blogger is great, it's like catching up with an old friend xo

  7. Love it all - especially the leather purse and the meeting blogging friends bit! It's wonderful when you can bring your blogging and real life together, isn't it? :)

  8. Nice bits Zara - including those vintage t.ts I spy.
    I found a vintage leather Oroton hand-bag during our verge collections just before Christmas. Couldn't believe my luck - and that someone would ditch something as lovely as that!
    - and absolutely nothing wrong with it either - leather a little bit beaten, but we like that, right ;)

  9. You did well finding that gorgeous clutch and purse:) It's quite fun meeting up with bloggers in real life and how relaxed you feel after getting to know them via their blog for so long. :) xxx


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