Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thrifty Thursday

A nice little haul of a couple of my favourite things- milk glass and Johnson of Australia crockery. All found at different oppies on the same day.
milk glass vase/bowl- $1
milk glass basket- $2
Johnson plate, one of the few pastel pinks I have- 50c
and my first Johnson teapot- $5
The mantel is brimming full with milk glass, unable to hold another piece. I'm now on the lookout for a glass-doored sideboard in which to display it all (good justification for more op-shopping I think).


  1. A perfect justification for more op-shopping, for sure.
    Great find with the teapot. It looks in perfect nick.

  2. Great finds Zara! I would have taken the gorgeous dandelion tea pot and pink plate home too :)

  3. It'll look lovely stacked in a nice old china cabinet Zara - hope you find one soon.

  4. Such pretty milk glass finds, Zara, and that Johnson teapot is a rarity - I don't think I've ever seen a stoneware Johnson teapot, in fact the only teapots I ever find in Oppys are battered old metal ones. Once again, well done!

  5. I'm falling in love with milkglass due to your influence. Always been a sucker to peer pressure!

  6. That T Pot!!.....all great finds Zara. I'm on a mission to find some milk glass!!....I never find it in the oppies :( .....I found a great quilt today on my little treasure hunt so will be content with that.

  7. You certainly have a knack for finding treasures! I cannot go past pastel Johnson pieces (and getting heaps harder to find these days) and milk glass.I'm hoping one day to have enough milk glass for a display, but I'm still a way off :)

  8. You are a milk glass magnet Zara! I love your pink Johnson plate. I have memories of whole sets of that in staff rooms and home ec kitchens when I was small. You'll have to get milk glass cabinet of some sort soon!

  9. I am convinced I am living in the wrong op shop State, so hard to find such great items as these.
    I particularly love that J design Zara, it's gorgeous.
    A glass fronted cabinet would suit your milk glass collection beautifully.

  10. Yes, a perfect excuse for more shopping! :-D
    We went to the op shop the other day, looking for some old teacups, but they didn't have any. I was hoping to make a teacup pincushion, so I am still on the hunt for one!
    Happy sideboard shopping!
    Sarah xo

  11. Such lovely finds at amazing prices. Keep up the good op shopping.

  12. You and seem to have runs on the milk glass finds. I just found the matching pink Johnson bowl to your plate, the shape is just so lovely isn't it? I have that same milk glass bowl in the left of your picture, actually i have two- they are so lovely for displaying sweets at parties, or nuts or other treasures from the kids. mel x

  13. Oh all my favourite things. You scored with your milkglass and the prices! Thank you so much for another gorgeous cushion cover. Totally unexpected but so thoughtful of you. It has found a home already. I look fwd to playing catch up on your lovely blog:)


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