Saturday, 20 October 2012


1. the thrifted cutlery tray from a little while back turned small display shelf
Print 'sacrifice' by flossy-p
2. Country Style reading
3. brown paper packages tied up with string. wrapping gifts for the Christmas Advent Swap. my swap buddy Naomi at Create-Believe-Dream.
4. half price op-shopped linens equating to $1.50 a sheet
5. the vegie garden continues to grow. Spinach and ricotta rolls were enjoyed for lunch today
6. strawberries slowly getting bigger
i am enjoying days off that actually fall on a weekend, a rarity around here. the weather is really starting to warm up with temps in the high 20's- perfect dress wearing days.. i'm planning on cutting one from a floral sheet from the stash. now just to decide which pretty floral to use.
have a lovely weekend.


  1. Love that cutlery tray shelf, looks fantastic. And cannot wait to see the dress you whip up, enjoy your work free weekend. mel x

  2. I really like that cutlery tray come shelf too Zara. Good thinking on that one. I have a nice piece of milk glass for ze collectioni. Will post next week x

  3. I love the idea of the dress. Very Von Trappe in a good way! The big brown flowers perhaps?
    Your veges are amazing. Are there no evil wild life critters there to eat them?

  4. Such a lovely list of six - I'm particularly taken with the brown wrapping. So simple, but still very lovely.

    Nina x

  5. The cutlery tray come shelf is such a great idea, love it.

  6. Love the cutlery tray shelf Zara, cool idea. Life at your place looks good :)

  7. Lots of viewing pleasure here.
    I also love the cuttlery tray idea. Very clever.
    I am swooning over those vintage fabrics. Great find, great price. How to choose which one to sew a dress out of would be hard. They are all so lovely.
    Great strawberries.

  8. What a nifty idea for a shelf, very cool!
    Nice vintage florals too, will you upcycle them?

  9. Lovely pile of florals Zara, love the mustard one.

  10. LOVING the packages wrapped up with brown paper and string :)
    I made my gift tags today .. .. .. ..

  11. Hi Zara! happy to find your blog and you who's in the nursing field too... i'm a registered nurse.


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