Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The newest floral addition...

fitting perfectly under the lounge room window this new thrifted addition is a most welcome one folding it out to form a bed reveals even more floral loveliness
making me smile every time I walk by


  1. What a cracker. I love the different fabric in the fold out bed. Fabulous find. x

  2. wow that is one awesome couch....hehe what did you stand on to get that aerial view???....looks like you were in a cherry picker! it, its really pretty. How lucky to get one in decent nick! you pretend your laying in a field of flowers??
    Allison ;)

  3. utter perfection! gorgeous find lovely. xx

  4. Oooooh....pretty!
    I was actually distracted by the lorikeet cushions. ..I have a soft spot for those birds after my little rescue bird :-D
    Hope you have a good week!
    Sarah xox

  5. Gosh Zara, I think I have couch envy!

  6. It's gorgeous Zara, pretty and useful. Plus it looks so comfy. How lucky are your next house guests going to be?

  7. Looks great with your cushions on it Zara, and very much in Johnson tones, really suits your home and your style. mel x

  8. LOVE that couch!
    And the pink florals gah gah swoon


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