Monday, 8 October 2012

How does your garden grow

The vegies seem to grow overnight. The plastic arch has been taken down, so hopefully not too many early morning surprise frosts now.
Rocket, silverbeet, broccoli and spring onions.
The rhubarb is thriving, not seeming to have minded the numerous transplants. The strawberries too are the same. I am looking forward to a good crop in a couple of months.
Bean seeds are in. All ready for growing up over the colorbond fence.
Silverbeet and ricotta salad aswell as stewed rhubarb with ice-cream have featured on the menu this past week.

Homegrown sure is worth it.


  1. Yum Zara! So much goodness in your garden. It is a lovely time of the year isn't it?

  2. Hi Zara
    Your veggies look so healthy. I love seeing the strawberry flowers poking out.

  3. I couldn't agree more, home grown is worth it! Sounds like you have a happy garden there indeed. I've not tried growing rhubarb before. I wonder if it wouldn't be too humid in Brisbane for it? Love those curled silverbeet leaves. :)

  4. There is nothing like it, and no matter how much , a few or alot of plants that fit in your yard, it is better than not planting anything at all...........

  5. Fantastic cropping there! You have inspired me to dig ours over and start again!

  6. Your little garden is so lush and green...they're growing so well and your dinner sounds delish!

  7. Zara your garden is most impressive and I could agree more, I only wish my thumb was greener. I seem to be able to keep herbs alive but vegies..not so much.


  8. Home Grown IS def worth it!
    I think our garden weather is a bit behind yours though


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