Saturday, 27 October 2012


trying to slow down. live more simply. spend sensibly. not always costing less in the short term but less in the long term in dollars, in resources and the environment. purchasing quality secondhand where possible and paying that bit more for new when necessary for items that will last and last.

reading through Rohan's book has cemented this idea of simple and quality. making the most of the seasons. utilising farmers markets as much as possible. growing what you can. and wholesome meals that need not take hours of preparation to be delicious. as suggested you get what you pay for and if you want quality you usually have to fork out that bit more. in the kitchen especially a few quality basics are a must.

the newest addition at our place is this Lodge cast iron skillet. made in the US. and purchased from one of my favourite shops in much kitchen-y goodness in one spot. yes it was rather pricey as far as fry pans go I guess. but you can feel the quality in it. and with a bit of care it should last a life time and cook many a delicious wholesome meal.

not missing out on a little treat though this shop also has a wonderful range of deli and local foods. a tub of dark chocolate sorbet made it's way from their freezer to ours

crazy patchwork quilt- $5 from the Salvos this week


  1. So true! I've been eying off both that book and Lodge pans for quite some time too. I know how pricey it can be to get quality kitchenware
    (and mid price can still be cheap and nasty). Since settling in here I try and buy a few good pots every year, rather than all at once, to even out the cost a bit. I love my huge Staub pot and All clad pans, and they are definitely worth the price paid.

  2. Lovely words Zara. Rohan's book is certainly full of inspiration. I love your new pan, I can just imagine the years of wonderful meals you will cook with it.

    Happy Saturday to you!

  3. Good quality basics in the kitchen are well worth every cent! Looks like you have a wonderful weekend's worth of reading there too.

  4. I love cooking on cast should last you forever! I take the turn 'living simply' to mean 'enjoy the simple things in life'
    Have a happy weekend!
    Sarah xxoox

  5. That quilt! What a wonderful find.

    Wholesome, nourishing, simple. All so important on so many levels. Well done.

  6. I bought a lodge cast iron casserole pan (mega hugh) sometime a go and it is my most favourite cooking pan. Expensive yes but well worth it, it cooks so evenly, hold huge quantities for my hungry family and looks smick. Hope you enjoy your new pan. I looked at your blog yesterday I feel you are a kindred spirit. Happy op shopping and I'll watch to see what you produce for the swap! Cheers

  7. Cast iron pans are wonderful to cook with, and literally last a lifetime. I've never blogged ut, but my best EVER op-shop find was a set of chefs knives. I had to google to find out what each one was for. They make preparing food as fun as the cooking and eating and like a cast ironn pan i like the little rituals of caring for them x

  8. Crazy is def the correct description for that quilt!?'s awesome. We have a cast iron skillet pan and a crepe pan....they are both 20 yrs old and just get better with age.
    Hope your having a great weekend Zara.
    Allison x

  9. Loving the book too Zara, and hubby appreciated having a "manly" cookbook to read also haha. Loving your thoughts on "simple" and Love your new pan, it certainly does pay to buy quality. That crazy quily is awesome! Great find :)

  10. Last year I found a similar quilt at the op shop. You have to wonder who made it and why it was discarded. That's what I love about recycling...the unknown and the history and the lives entwined in it all. It gives objects more soul. Having said that, your pan looks like a beauty!

  11. Love this! I really want to do the same - getting chickens will be a big step (just need to work out how to build the cage).. That book looks great.


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