Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Field Days and Festive Swaps

Our first time attending the Australian National Field Days, and it was well worth it. So much inspiration- chicken tractors and Charolais cattle, stock yards and solar power, worm farms and water tanks. It was all there. The day provided us with a whole lot of incentive to keep on saving (and dreaming) for a fair bit longer.

In festive swap news I've joined in the Handmade Ornament Swap 2012 hosted by the lovely Christina of Christina Lowry Designs.

This delightful Christmas swap is open for you to sign up to until Monday 21st October and is open to all internationally.
You'll have the month of November to craft/stitch/make/create one or two ornaments, it is up to you.
All the details can be found here.


  1. My husband used to have a job making chicken tractors for a while when we first arrived up here! I wonder if they are the same ones. I've joined up for the swap too.

  2. We recently went to a local field day & I always find them very interesting and inspiring.

  3. looks like fun, love a good field day!

  4. Don't you just love Field Days! I come home with a head full of ideas and only coins left in my purse.


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