Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The List

After having read so many wonderful lists for 2012 and for the future in general, I decided I better put pen to paper and actually write down some of the many ideas I have stored in my head.
This list is in no particular order, some I would love to be able to tick off come the end of 2012, others seem a while off for now, but that's ok.

1. Get in the kitchen more- I'd love to make all my own bread, yogurt and butter.
2. Make a timber bed base
3. Build or renovate my own environmentally friendly home, preferably one in the middle of a hundred acres or so, with a huge vegie patch, orchard, and animals, using permaculture principles
4. Grow nearly all my own vegetables, herbs and fruit; and buy what I can't from local sources
5. Get out and exercise more. The fian is a regular gym goer, I've never been so a gym membership is on the cards for Orange. And if there's good tracks around the area then a spot of bike riding may be in order
6. Read more
7. Make some of my Pinterest pins
8. Visit the local farmers markets every time they're on, and support the locals producers
9. Buy Australian Made/Grown products from the shops where I can
10. Sew some of my own clothes
11. Make a recycled timber desk/sewing table; and garden potting bench with sink
12. Sew my own curtains
13. Go camping. I've never been.
14. Get chickens again. How I miss the chooks antics and the fresh eggs
15. Spend a whole day on an op-shopping adventure
16. Design labels for my handmade pieces
17. Finish my patchwork quilt
18. Make bunting for every room of the house
19. Get a worm farm
20. Compost all the house scraps
21. Do a permaculture design course with the fian
22. Make my own pottery
23. Try macarons. First eating then making my own
24. Volunteer at an op-shop
25. Send more mail, and hopefully receive more too
26. Get involved in more swaps
27. Keep the house more organised and tidier
28. Visit new op-shops
29. Make some pocket money from the things I make (to feed my op-shopping habit)
30. Display more of my thrifted treasures and collections around the house
31. Put together a scrap book of all my ideas for my dream home
32. Make my own shampoo, soap, washing-up liquid and washing powder
33. Make new friends
34. Take more photos
35. Keep bees
36. Comment more often on the blog posts I read
37. Save more money
38. Spend the afternoon snoozing in a hammock
39. Hand rear a calf
40. Plant a window box full of herbs
41. Preserve excess produce- through drying and bottling
42. Make my own Christmas tree
43. Build nesting boxes for native birds and animals
44. Create a habitat pond in the garden
45. Organise my fabric and tea towel collection
46. Make all my own greeting cards for the year
47. Gain as much experience as I can in my New Graduate year
48. Holiday to Tasmania
49. Have fresh flowers in the house
50. Be grateful for all that I have, and for the people in my life

 As a little one. How I would love to still have this old tricycle


  1. fabulous list my dear. Good luck with the crossing off and adding on of list items!! xoxo

  2. That photo is too cute Zara:) I love your list of things to do, I like to do quiet a few of them too. I would love to make lots more bunting and making new friends sounds like something I need to do this year I think. Thank you for the inspirational list, enjoy ticking some of them off. xx

  3. A wonderful and exhaustive list Zara. We share some similar goals for 2012. I hope you manage to tick lots of them off x

  4. Wow good list. I can definitely see you want to be self sufficient and environmentally friendly both very good things. I hope you mark some of these off through out the year. Cute pic too. x

  5. What a great list Zara. There are so many things on there I've been dreaming of doing as well, like having an acreage and living using permaculture principles.

    It's so great having such exciting goals to strive towards.


  6. oh my goodness what a huge list. I think you'll achieve a tonne of them Zara.

  7. Ooh I am loving this list, so many great goals to work towards!
    I have friends in NZ who are permaculturalists and would constantly pick their brains..I would love to build a straw bale home one day.
    I volunteered an op shop in Brisbane and LOVED it, you will too.
    Enjoy working your way through these :)


  8. What a varied, but achievable list! I hope you get to do them all!

  9. what an inspiring list! thank you for sharing. i did indeed use a special engraved fork for my christmas lunch. just perfect. do you have an iphone? because i think you need to join us on instagram. so many beautiful photos on there. here's to a wonderful and happy 2012 for all. happy thrifting too! xx

  10. Congradulations on your give away win over at Christina Lowry Designs (a little bird told me)! Way to go!

  11. That's a great list. Good luck!


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