Sunday, 29 January 2012


My Place and Yours is back again for 2012 thanks to Vic of Punky & Me, and this weeks meme is Green. If you haven't joined in before all you that's required is a little post on the topic for the week, including a picture or two. Then leave your link for others to check it out. Every week is a different theme, so I'm sure they'll be something for everyone.

Link up here.


  1. You know, teenage me would be SO pissed if she knew 30 year old me would be going all mushy over crockery on a dish rack, but, here we are. ;)

    Thanks for playing Zara!

  2. I have that plate, the one at the back with the lines, and that book, spooky perhaps, of perhaps I just REALLY like these shades of green x

  3. Nice idea! MAybe I'll do the linky thing on that blog too... I have that book too - from my childhood. Very cool!

  4. Lovely green bits but like Vic I am having trouble moving past that lovely crockery on the dishrack.

  5. Gorgeous plates!
    I think I have one like the last one in the row!x

  6. Lovely green things, I have joined in this time as it is such fun!

  7. Gorgeous Plates and Dishrack!
    Following from MPAY


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