Tuesday, 12 August 2014

fresh denim

a little outfit post.
I donned a newly op-shopped apron for a spot of house tidying and cleaning.
then off for a coffee date.
jeans: my favourite jeans got a bit of a spruce up with some dye and look like new. you can see some before pics here and here. yes I'm one of those people who wear their jeans until they're threadbare, usually in the backside region. this is the first time I've died denim and cant wait to update more pieces with fabric dye.


  1. Jeans look fab Zara, love your beads and your echidna (and your Lottas too ;) So glad you gave me that tip about oiling the heels - mine would've been totally wrecked after their first wearing if I hadn't followed your advice)
    Posted Holly.

  2. I love your cute little apron I found one just like at the op shop with magpies cross stitched on them and my little one love to wear it:) Those jeans look great dyed, like new again:) xx

  3. That apron is super sweet! What a great find.

  4. Such a cute apron (but my eye is stolen by the echidna print with garland - love!!). x


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