Thursday, 21 August 2014

around here.

life has been humming along here.
Sunday saw 7 years of togetherness with my love. i was spoilt rotten with a brand new overlocker.. something had been on my wish list for some time. and a beautiful bunch of florals.
catching the sunshine has been high on our list of priorities.
I've been enjoying reading some of my favourite magazines.
these sturdy old bread tins were courtesy of the tip-shop at $3 each.

hope you're all having a week full of lovely things. x


  1. love the bread tins, wonder what you'll do with them!!? saw some in a cafe as shelves on the wall, great score!

  2. Congratulations Zara on your 7 year anniversary. You were certainly spoilt! Lucky you. xxoo

  3. LOVE the tins....that's one thing S.A doesn't have is tip shops! xxx

  4. WOW, what a fabulous gift, an overlocker. I'm sure you will be putting it to good use very soon. Beautiful flowers and I love the photo of your kitty in the window, very cut. Those bread tins are SO good. My mum has some really old ones from my granny, they make the best bread if you aren't using a bread machine.
    Anne xx

  5. Industrial bread tins! They could be rather nice as planters for herbs too if you have extras.
    Congratulations on the anniversary too!

  6. Congratulations Zara! Lovely reading material. Do you know I have a couple of those exact bread tins...perhaps they were standard issue for country bakeries at one time. They are so solid aren't they? x

  7. Oh, that's lovely, Zara; I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I have overlocker envy! Can't wait to see what you make with it. Xx

  8. What an awesome present Zara. There will be no stopping you now! Is it tricky to thread?

    1. The threading is the bit I'm dreading. It came with small spools and was already threaded, which was helpful as I was able to have a play with it straight away. x

  9. Gorgeous pic of the Geraldton wax Zara and how exciting about the overlocker! Cannot wait to see the creations zooming off your machine. mel x


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