Saturday, 16 August 2014

blog hop time.

there's a little blog hop going around at the moment and I was kindly nominated to join in by the lovely Kylie and Mezz. so here I go...

what am i working on.
I'm actually between projects at the moment. I've recently finished my first tea towel quilt and am hoping to make another shortly. I'm also after the perfect poncho/cape pattern, with Spring nearly upon us now I'm thinking this project may have to wait 'til next year though.
this week I found out a lovely friend of mine is expecting her first bub and she asked me if I could make a dress that would see her through the coming months so I shall be cutting and stitching up a floral sheet soon.

how does my work differ from others in the genre
I guess in my sewing it's that I use nearly all op-shopped materials- vintage sheets, tea towels, doilies, zippers, buttons, thread and lace. I love that upcycling these materials gives them a new lease of life.

why do i create what i do
I've always loved being creative, art and textiles were my favourite subjects through school.
I love creating useful and pretty pieces to both decorate my home and clothing to wear.
it's a nice feeling being able to reply to someones compliment of 'I love this, where did you get it from?' with 'I made it myself.'
I like the fact that by making things myself and using upcycled materials I know that the pieces are one of a kind and are ethically produced with love and much thought.
seeing that I have inspired others to get creative whether that be in trying a new recipe or getting out the sewing machine and making a piece of clothing is lovely too.

how does my creative process work
I'm constantly on the look out for inspiration. it may be a cushion or scarf I see in a shop or a handmade piece I see on someones blog. pinterest is also a big favourite for me.
i also look through my stash of linens for inspiration.
usually the idea stays in my head for a while, and if a week or so later I'm still thinking about the new idea i get to it and start selecting the fabrics and get cutting.
of course days and sometimes weeks go by and I don't feel like creating, but when the creativity strikes I get to it.

creativity is contagious. pass it on. Albert Einstein
if you'd like to join in the blog hop I'd love to hear about your creative process.
I'd also like to nominate these lovely bloggers. no pressure though.

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  1. Thanks for joining in Zara. I really appreciate it - I know these things can be a bit of a pain was interesting to learn a little more about your approach to creating loveliness.
    I will add a link to my blog next time I'm there x

  2. It was lovely to read about your creative process. I really admire your talents and creativity.
    P.S - I've had trouble emailing you. Could you please send an email my way. I need your address again. I have something that is shamefully overdue to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing your creative journey.
    Anne xx

  4. You have always been a creative, Zara. It's comforting to read about how others use their creativity. You all seem so organised and productive. Some days cleaning a cupboard is as good as it gets for me! You and Kylie are giving my mojo a kick start. Thanks!


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