Friday, 26 July 2013

this weekend.

this weekend I don't have to worry about word counts, referencing or catch-up schedules.
no commitments.. no where to be.
you will find me in front of the sewing machine, pin cushion and scissors beside me, vintage floral sheet in my lap, and a new pattern to try out.
and when the afternoon sun hits the front verandah i shall be sitting out one of the new deckchairs ($5 each at a garage sale) with a copy of Hello May- full of pretty weddings. there's also plenty of beautiful images on the blog too. i do love a good handmade wedding.
(no wedding date set here yet but i'm always up for starting my inspiration journal).

what do you have planned for the weekend?

p.s Mezz of mezz makes stuff has a handmade card swap running, and there's still time to join in the creative fun. think stamps, pictures from vintage children's books, doilies, washi tape and water colours. pop on over.


  1. Enjoy Zara, I love a good handmade wedding too, even though I have been married for quite some time now :)

    I might send you an email over the weekend. I picked up a set of Johnson cups and saucers still in the box today for $5.00. I am guessing they are the real deal? Happy weekend to you.

  2. That sounds like heaven to me! Hope it doesn't go too quickly. Can't wait to see what you make!

  3. Have a relaxing weekend, Zara. We're off to Holland for a week. Yay! xx

  4. Have fun Zara. I love the pattern you've chosen. It's got sleeves (I love me a sleeve!) and a gorgeous flattering shape. I would love to see a pic of you wearing it's made.
    My weekend = painting. More of!

  5. That is a very elegant pattern. If only we could all be languid wisps like those girls on the cover! Your cushion is as always lovely too. What a fabulous stash you found last week! Especially the first one. They were meant for you!

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend - hope you're enjoying it! x

  7. I love your banksia cushion. I haven't heard of Hello May ... will go and check out the blog. Hope you found some warm winter sunshine to enjoy. x

  8. Loving your banksia cushion, bold and beautiful. I've just found your blog and started following so I'm your 200th follower on GFC. :)
    Have a good one,
    Anne xx

  9. Thorpe your weekend is going to plan! Lovely tea towels there, what a collection! :) x

  10. Great tea towel collection, hope your weekend went to plan! :) x

  11. Fab pattern I look fwd to see the end result. I have a couple I want to try as well. I just need to go for it. I still feel like a novice when it comes to pattern reading.


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