Wednesday, 17 July 2013


my days of late..
working extra shifts. administrative rather than nursing. i'm enjoying the change.
completing my final assignment for the immunisation course. struggling a little bit to get motivated and get it finished though.
getting back into making yoghurt again after a couple of months of break. you can't beat homemade yoghurt drizzled with honey.
receiving some lovely parcels in the mail. pretty vintage linens from Meg and Johnson crockery from Kylie.
sunny yellow wattle blooms and milk glass, the perfect combination of winter sunshine. stems c/o a bit of friendly neighbourhood pruning.. inspired by Kylie.

how are you spending your days of late?
any friendly neighbourhood pruning?


  1. The wattle is spectacular at the moment isn't it? Yours looks great in your milk glass. We have Tasmanian Wattle in the house(even though it makes the Hubby sneeze!). It's a bit different to the mainland wattle, I'm going to take some pictures. We're on school holidays so we're just having lazy days at home. Good luck for your final assignment, just think how good you'll feel when it's over! Mel xxx

  2. Your milk glass vase looks beautiful...your past pics of your collection started me on my own quest (if I can find decent op shops near Gumeracha) Meg xx

  3. I love the milk glass vase. I don't see it very often over here. Good luck with your assignment. We are trying to stay warm here. And I'm in the midst of school holidays. Going pretty good so far..........touch wood xo

  4. The wattle is gorgeous. Ive made my own yoghurt, but would love to know how you do? Hope you get the energy to finish your last assessment. xx

  5. The wattle looks amazing Zara - our tree started flowering this week too...

    I think it's hard for most to get motivated through the cold days of Winter - hang in there... :)

  6. The wattle is lovely Zara. I have just requested some River Cottage books from the library, I know you recommend at least one of them!

  7. I love the wattle with your bright Kitchenaid in the background.
    I am getting back into the swing of things after a perfect holiday. There is nothing like work and laundry to bring me back to the reality of normal life!

  8. Ah, the wattle. It has burst into bloom around here in the past week, too. Spring is not far away (not sure I am happy about farewelling Winter soon). x

  9. Oh gee, I hope I haven't corrupted you Zara!
    (ha-ha! I know you were probably always a secret local picker)
    I was in an op-shop today and couldn't believe the price of Johnson Bros crockery - $5 for a bread and butter plate, and $8 for a dinner plate! That's pretty pricey isn't it?
    Gorgeous wattle x

  10. Beautiful pics, Zara. I know, I know, I say that everytime I comment...xx

  11. oh the wattle. portent of spring I think!

  12. Oh I love the wattle..I've been spotting it while out running. It's early isn't it but a sure sign that Spring is not far away.

  13. I have wattle blooming in the garden ... a bit of brightness in the middle of winter. I wouldn't dare bring it inside though - I would be sneezing for a week!

    It's nice to have a change at work ... keeps up the interest and enjoyment.

    I love River Cottage as well, and I heard a rumour Huge is doing a show in Oz?? Pay TV though I think.

  14. Beautiful milk glass and wattle! x


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