Sunday, 14 July 2013

stills: florals. paint chips. and free-range

1. & 2. empty embroidery hoops became home to vintage florals. paint chip heart garlands were made this week too
3. florals again, this time by the front door
4. more paint chip hearts
5. another tea towel cushion cover, already gifted
6. a much awaited free-range pork delivery from Jonai Farms. the Jonas family raise rare-breed Large Black pigs on their farm near Daylesford, Victoria and have just recently raised enough funds to build an on-farm butchering facility.
7. thrifted floral pillowcases
8. lovely birthday gifts: a new perfume and the softest possum and merino wool scarf
thank you for all the birthday wishes this week.
if you'd like to enter my birthday give-away too, you're more than welcome.


  1. Beautiful things once again Zara. I bet the Jonai pork is delicious x

  2. Gorgeous pictures Zara!!! I love the pork especially - can'y wait to hear how you cook it but more importantly how it tastes when you do... :)

  3. Lots of great things here. I really love the embrodiery hoops idea xo

  4. I love that pig cushion cover! The pink zipper is perfect.
    That is so exciting that they have raised enough money for the butchering to be done onsite...I often think about how organically raised animals should also be butchered according to similar principles.
    I hope you had a very happy birthday!

  5. A Happy Belated Birthday to you Zara :) You're hoops look lovely!

    Sophie xo

  6. Love that colour combination of the heart garland in the first picture. Gives me quilting ideas!!

  7. I love vintage florals in embroidery hoops. Those hearts are really sweet.

  8. happy Belated Birthday... All the best people are born in the month of July

  9. So pretty. I am intrigued by the pig fabric.

  10. What a deliciously sweet week you looked to of had. Happy birthday. X

  11. Zara, your house looks so lovely. Love all the handmade bits and pieces. I love your series of stills you put up each week! xx

  12. happy belated birthday! your house always looks so gorgeous x

  13. oh wonderful images! love the florals and the paint chip garland...looks all so lovely and sweet! xx

  14. Loving all your stills this week.

    The cushion covers are wonderful :)

    Have a beautiful week.


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