Friday, 4 May 2012

Around here...

The trees sure know when the seasons are a changing. The branches are becoming more and more bare with the leaves instead carpeting the ground. There is a chill in the breeze and the winter woollies are out. The perfect weather though for getting out and about. I prefer cool temps any day.
The self-seeded pumpkins are still going strong, I'm not sure how they'll go as Winter approaches further.
The library card is getting a workout, so much to read and not enough hours in the day.
Thrifting continues, a large tablecloth this time.
And a more welcoming entrance with a spot of spray paint.

I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather where you are too.

I have just recently reached over 100 followers (Yippee!), so a celebratory give-away is in order I think. Now what to give-away is all I need to figure out. 


  1. Your tablecloth is lovely. It reminds me of Ellen Giggenbach's art which is worth a quick visit to her blogsite. The mat is a great idea. That might keep the wee ins busy for a bit over the looong week end!

  2. Congrats...Happy 100th Zara

  3. I love what you have done with the front door mat! It sounds like you're enjoying the cooler weather. Congrats on 100+ followers. xx

  4. Congrats on your 100 followers.
    Is that a little pumpkin growing? It's very cute.

  5. Your door mat is awesome Zara. I have just bought a new one and it pales in comparison. How did you do it (I've got a rough idea, but...)
    Congrats on the big one hundred followers, you deserve them x

  6. love the chevron door mat, the gorgeous fabric and congrats on 100 followers! i so look forward to seeing what my fellow johnson lover has picked up each week. xx

  7. Great tablecloth find and really loving seeing all the winter in your photos (we don't get much seasonal change up here in Bris but can't complain too much as it's all blue skies and puffy clouds) melx

  8. I love Orange this time of year, so beautiful. You've had some fantastic luck at the oppies, must be getting there before me. I've come home empty handed on my recent trips to town.


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