Sunday, 16 March 2014

stills: a magazine kind of week.


1. hundreds and thousands mag. this delightful little handmade mag is the creation of Mez and Taz. I was lucky enough to have one of my scalloped garlands feature on the front cover too.
2. & 3. it's been an all round magazine kind of week. copies of Slow, Country Style and Tickle the Imagination all arrived.
4. the chookies out for a scratch around on the lawn
5. a bit of construction this week with a (sort of) sparrow-proof door
6. the vegie garden always makes me smile
7. an op-shopped sheet still in its packaging
8. fresh juices this week. beetroot, carrot, orange, apple and ginger

I've been a bit quiet on the blog front this week. I've started a second job which involves a bit of travelling. it's only a three month position though so I'm making the most of the extra pocket money while I can.


  1. Love the mags and the chooks - and the colour of that juice! Amazing! x

  2. Love a pile of magazines to browse through. My two favourite things at the moment are my chooks and garden. Good luck with your new job xo

  3. So much gorgeous reading material Zara! Have you seen the latest is beautiful too. Love your chooks and garden x

  4. Your garland looks amazing on the cover .......chookies looking wonderful xxx

  5. Good luck with the second job hon, make sure you get enough rest!
    Love that juice, it really zings!

  6. Yayyy, it arrived safely. Thanks so much for putting an add in and yes, your garland was perfect for the cover! Those juices sound good...ive been baking with beetroot lately, a chocolate beetroot quinoa cake. mmm! xx

  7. The buntings on the cover are just gorgeous! Go easy on yourself Zara :) You sound like one busy lady.

    Sophie xo

  8. Congratulations on being featured in the magazine, Zara. Pretty pretty.
    Your chooks and your vege garden are looking so healthy!
    I hope your extra job isn't taking up too much of your leisure time; I'm loving curling up with my magazines on these cooler afternoons.

  9. Lovely pictures and congratulations for having your garland in the mag. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  10. Oh you clever gal! Love your bunting so much. That looks like a gorgeous magazine too, so does the slow one. Where did you get them, Zara? Love the sheet. What a score! Your veggie garden looks like it's powering along. My tomatoes are all but finished. I still didn't get any bottled up. The cueys are another story...:) x

  11. Love magazines, must check out 100's and 1000's, looks so sweet. Love vintage sheets, and love your bunting Happy days xxx

  12. found your blog through ivy nest. I am from the US. Love your site, it's lovely!


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