Monday, 31 March 2014

stills: autumn is in the air

1. birthday gift wrapping for my love
2. where there's an open suitcase there's usually a cat at the ready to curl up in it
3. Country Style reading. I think my favourite issue this year
4. beautiful rain
5. bunting and leaves started to change to hues of orange and yellow

sorry I'm a day late with my weekly stills. yesterday was spent relaxing after a busy week and cake baking.


  1. SNAP! I'm reading that issue this morning in bed with a Nespresso xxxx

    P.S. Sascha is sitting down in the yard just watching the girls

  2. Gorgeous photos Zara. I'm loving the Country Style mag too and the Pip mag. I subscribed to Pip after seeing it on your blog. Thank you for posting. I love it. I made the Ricotta Cheese from Pip on the weekend and it is so good, so much nicer than store bought ricotta. Your brown paper wrapping looks gorgeous. Do you buy the paper in a roll or is it flat sheets? Where do you get it from? I have bought brown paper in a roll from the newsagents, but yours looks nicer. Hope you have a lovely week. xxoo

  3. looks like you have been very generous in your gifts for your love. Country Style is definitely one of my alltime favs. Haven't even started reading this issue yet! we've had rain too. funny hey. only a few weeks ago, we were 'chatting' about the heat! very humid here still, which I totally loathe. happy week wishes to you. Jane x

  4. My cat likes to hide in my washing basket !
    Gorgeous photography

  5. You seriously are the best present wrapper ever!!! I know from experience!

  6. Lovey photos Zara, the "meet Ballarat's chocolate man" took my fancy.....I'm a chocoholic.... love the bunting and pussy cat too. Have a good week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  7. I'm enjoying the changes that come with Autumn, though I miss seeing all the trees turn golden and crimson. There aren't too many that do that in our sub-tropical landscape.


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