Wednesday, 18 September 2013

vintage sheet FQ swap 2013

after being involved in Kellie's vintage sheet FQ swaps in previous years, this year there has sadly been no swap. i have missed sorting through the sheet stash, cutting them up and popping them in the post... waiting in anticipation for the postie to bring a parcel of inspiring new-to-be designs in return.

so without further ado...
to get involved simply leave a comment with your email address. alternatively you can email me at zara-117(at)hotmail(dot)com and let me know that you're interested in joining in this swap.

i will email all participants as you sign up with more details on the swap.

please have your vintage sheet FQs in the post to me by the 31st October. i will aim to have the FQs swapped and in the post by the end of the following week.

you can choose to swap as many or as few FQs as you want. the number of FQs you send will be the number you receive back.

place your FQs into a parcel satchel. also include a self-addressed pre-paid post satchel so I can send your newly swapped FQs back to you.

pre-paid post satchels can be purchased from the post office in 3 sizes:

small satchel $8.25
holds up to 500g
35 x 22cm

medium  satchel $13.40
holds up to 3kg
40 x 31cm

large satchel $16.70
holds up to 5kg
51 x 43cm
(Australia Post prices)

the small sized satchel will fit approximately 15 FQs and the medium 3kg satchel will fit 50+ FQs.

now for the important details-

- a fat quarter (FQ) measures approximately 50 x 56cm. these can be ripped or cut to size from the sheet as long as they meet these measurements.
- sheets must be washed prior to being sent
- ensure FQs are free from marks, stains, rips or holes. please only send sheets you would be happy to receive
- please only send cotton or cotton blend sheets. no flannelette or polyester. do not send sheets with cartoon characters or any solid colours

with those who are overseas and want to join in: i'm not sure how the prepaid post satchels would work but if someone knows how and it's not too difficult then i'm happy for you to join in the fun too.

do share this swap. the more involved the greater the variety of sheets you will receive.
if you have any questions please ask.
i'm really looking forward to this swap, i hope you are too.


  1. Ohhhh! Is it open internationally??? I would love to join in. My email address is: alittlebitcountrynz (at) gmail (dot) com - I already have some FQ's in my stash to send off. Elaina xo

    1. I will check with the post office to see how the prepaid envelopes will work xo

  2. oh yes please!! do count me in!!

  3. I'm in!

  4. Had no idea what FQ meant, till I read further down. I was on the lines of frequent questions...embaressing! Anyway, yes I am very excited. my email is xx

  5. Oh yes, I should be all unpacked by then so count me in. thanks mel x

  6. I would like to join.

  7. Yes please Zara!
    I'll grit my teeth and think of England as I make the first cut into my vintage sheet stash, after all this was my primary purpose of collecting them in the first place!

  8. I'm in!

    Thanks, Zara! I'm looking forward to some new FQ's to play with :-)

  9. Yes for me too Zara.
    My email is: sunnycornerfarm (at) hotmail (dot) com

  10. I would love to join as well. Not sure of the prepaid bit from the US though. If I find out in time I'll let you know.

  11. Hi Zara, I'd love to join in your vintage sheet swap, my email is
    Thanks! Julie :)

  12. I've never done a swap, and I have so much fabric, and I have no idea what to do with it all. It might not all be vintage, but it is beautiful so I know someone would be be happy to receive it. Sign me up!

  13. Hi Zara I've got a few good sheets so I'll join in too! Sarah

  14. Oh no, just found out about this! Is it too late to join? I can get them sent off in time, i'm sure.

    1. It's not too late to join. I've sent you an email with the details. x

  15. ooohhhh you should so do this again hehehe
    hugs xo


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