Sunday, 22 September 2013

stills: chooks and fabric painting


this week:
1. having a little pick at the beet leaves
2. the whole chook family
3. the first of the summer seeds have sprouted: pumpkin and nasturtiums
4. card making
5. my first attempt at fabric painting
6. Country Style reading. there are so many beautiful stories and photos in this issue.
7. sorting through the vintage linen stash. i'm hosting a vintage sheet FQ swap.


  1. What a beautiful and productive garden you have. Those chooks look super happy! And I'm loving your patchwork bedspread. I'm in the process of making a patchwork pillowcase for Stella. And I just read Country Style yesterday.. Sigh.. So many inspiring stories; I feel quite tired!!

  2. Your chookies look so happy and clean! Have fun with the swap!
    Sarah x

  3. Absolutely disgusting... 1st attempt at fabric painting and a perfectionist already. Very creative and stylish.
    But you do show your creative talents even in your photography .. beautiful as always

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Hope you have a great week Zara! x

  5. Your photos just keep getting better - if that is possible. I see a career change for you, Zara.
    They have to be the prettiest feathered girls I know, so cute.
    Love your rainbow chard - 6 times the size of mine!

  6. Beautiful images. Enjoy your swap! xoxo

  7. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm reading the mag now! xx

  8. I just found you and your lovely blog through Em at The Beetle Shack, so glad I did :)
    Emma at She Sows Seeds

  9. Ooh loving the sheets in the last pic. I might getting snipping some today.

  10. You have beautiful chickens. They look very content free ranging, I do feel nervous for the vegetables though. My girls won't leave the vege patch alone when they are let out.

  11. love your photos - just been talking about getting some chooks on the weekend. looks like a lovely week.


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