Thursday, 30 May 2013

1 parcel, 2 parcel

a bit quiet from me here. being offered a couple of extra days of work this week has been perfect timing though with gas, electricity, water and phone bills all arriving in the letter box within a few days of each other... yes not so welcome. but today not one but two very welcome parcels arrived by mail. a lovely give-away parcel from a new favourite blog butter and buntings. filled with vintage goodies and handcrafted cards and tags. thank you lovely lady.
Taryn is also hosting a vintage button swap, the more the merrier so if you'd like to add to a bit of variety to those numerous button filled fowlers jars or floral printed tins then add your name.
and the second parcel held some new winter booties from the horse. and they are perfect. such soft leather and very well made. and with a work birthday dinner next week they'll be paired with tights, my latest dress creation and a brooch.

and of course parcels mean post bags and post bags make the perfect little cat cubby.



  1. OOh im so glad it arrived safely. I do hope you like the gifts! xoxox

  2. cute cat!!! butter and buntings rocks, doesn't she? x

  3. Isn't it grand when package arrive in the mail, love snail mail , and apparently so does your
    darling cat.

  4. Can't wait to see the new boots...

  5. Lucky lady! A present and new boots, who could complain about that. Enjoy :))


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