Sunday, 12 May 2013


this week I have:

1. admired the beautiful photos and simple styling tips in my newest book purchase: a place called home by Jason Grant
2. showed off a few snippets of my very vintage inspired home
3 & 4. op-shopped this still-in-the-packet west German made tablecloth for $1, & found the milk glass partner for the salt shaker
5. had a haircut
6. started the immunisation course for work
7. enjoyed my favourite herb on homemade pizzas: thyme
8. and most excitingly welcomed some new additions to the chook family: 3 light sussex girls


  1. I'd love to get my hands on Jason's book - I've seen it all over Instagram and it looks wonderful! Great stills, Zara! :)

  2. That's quite a hair chop. Must feel very light! I love German made linens - always such lovely quality.

  3. Wow huge haircut. If always feels great tho doesn't it. Love the milk glass. I am so happy you found its mate. Have a great week.

  4. What is the funny little man in the second photo? He's very intriguing!

    1. It was made by my great grandfather from a bullet shell, trench art from WW1.

  5. Love those new chookies and how exciting to find a match for your milk glass. mel x

  6. Your new chooks are gorgeous Zara! What do the others think of them? I love watching the dynamics and behaviour of the flock when new chooks are introduced :-) Have a lovely week. Mel x

  7. Lovely pics. Your thyme looks really silvery. I didn't pick it for thyme in the pic!

  8. Oh the hens.... My hubby should start building the coop. They are lovely and so is the whole photo set!

  9. Awh such lovely pics! lovely little chickens :)

    Sorry it's taken so long to pop by :) Found you via the Cupcake cook Off. So glad to have stopped by now. *waves hello* Hazel x

  10. Love the hair length, did you save your hair for the compost? Roses love hair as a nutrient.
    Your new blonde clucky girls are sweet, I hope they produce lots of eggs for you next summer.
    Isn't it exciting when you find a missing piece for thrifted treasure (the milk glass). I adore your W.German tablecloth.
    You certainly have an heirloom treasure in your G.Grandfather's WW1 "trench craft". I have a few pieces crafted from bullets and other metal objects, all made by my Dad during WW2.


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