Sunday, 10 February 2013


atop the dresser
$5 artwork at a garage sale yesterday
gifted Carlton ware
apparently this is the best spot to catch an afternoon breeze
blueberry topped cheesecake
that turned into a breakfast treat
another thrifted linen being repurposed. this time a sheet into kitchen curtains
a weekly collection of stills captured. showcased at the beetle shack


  1. This post is so inspiring. First off I gotta finish deocrating my house second I need to take some still photos of my lovely home!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. These are lovely! (I've got washing up dishes in mine this week too!)

  3. the cat picture is hysterical and beautiful all at the same time x

  4. Zara, I love the little daisy shaped plate or saucer on your cute! Is it Carlton ware?

  5. Those cat toes poking out are so so sweet. lovely pics Zara, feels like I'm looking at pages of Country Style magazine. mel x

  6. Makes me want to pop over and have a cup of tea with you Zara :) Your house is so warm and inviting.

  7. Cats find the best places to sleep don't they:) That cheesecake looks yummy, everything looks just beautiful and homely. xx

  8. What a gorgeous art work to add to your beautiful collection. And the cheesecake image is divine...the light, the cannister in the background....the cheesecake! Hope you have a lovely week :) x

  9. beautiful vintage bits and bobs :)

    xo em


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