Sunday, 3 February 2013

stills. at home


poppy seed heads
chocolate cake making in the Kitchen Aid
wholemeal drop scones (pikelets) in the cast iron skillet from Hugh's recipe
my first thrifted find here in our new town for $2
rosemary cuttings for the new vegie garden beds
my latest before & after redo.


  1. I do miss the Essential Ingredient for all their goodies. Please give me your opinion on the Lodge frypan (I'm after a new one) xx

    1. I love my Lodge pan.
      It's not as non-stick as the non-stick pans out there (but i'm pretty sure non-stick pans have a few health risks too).
      It's really easy to clean. & seasoning it after each use by spraying with oil keeps it in top condition.
      It's handy that it can go from stove top to oven too.

  2. Hi Zara, It looks like you've settled quickly into your new home, and I see it didn't take you long to find the most important shops in town! What a score on your first thrifting adventure - a very pretty Johnson design, I have a lone plate in that pattern. x

  3. gorgeous stills Zara! I love the look of your new home and my oh my how lucky to score all those Johnson plates for such a price! Hugh's drop scones are the bomb! enjoy your Sunday xx

  4. The Johnson plates are beautiful Zara

  5. Lovely things in your new home Zara. Can I ask you a the bag that your rosemary is in a real paper bag or a vase/pot paper bag? It looks great! I love pikelets too. Happy Sunday x

  6. Gorgeous Johnson finds Zara & those drop scones/pikelets look so delish! x

  7. Lovely pictures!
    Happy Sunday,
    Sarah x

  8. Lovely lovely lovely. More pics of the redo, is it a stool, ottoman, cushion, it is going to keep me awake tonight not knowing! mel x ps do you have a marble bench in pic one?

  9. would love to see more of the redo, so lovely to find you via the linkup, its my 1st week so excited to be a part xxx

  10. those plates! those pikelets - isn't Hugh a genius? x

  11. I have just found your gorgeous blog - loving everything here. So looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa and enjoying your other posts. Very pleased to have found you!

  12. These are just beautiful! I adore the poppy seed heads shot. They look magnificent. Wishing you a beautiful week :) x

  13. Hi Zara, just found you, what wonderful shots. And anyone who does not love Johnson crockery aint no friend of mine. Just don't show it to my Mum who threw it all out...


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