Wednesday, 9 January 2013


1 & 2. there's been book reading and diary cover sewing
3. this little one has was found munching on a snail
4. wooden puzzle thrifting for $1 each
5. bean harvesting
6. washi tape purchasing
7. these two keeping cool inside
8. beautiful beads arriving in the post from this lovely lady

it's been a busy and stressful few days. there's been plenty of umming and ahhing deciding where we will call home this year. a move may be on the cards. maybe soon or maybe later on. it is out of our hands at the moment. just a matter of waiting now. 


  1. Ooooh, lots of pretty pics there! Love the washi tape especially ;-D


  2. Love your diary cover and those wooden puzzles- I have a thing for those too. Good luck with new digs for a new year. mel x

  3. I'm drooling over the washi tape too! Shame you may have to move, looks like such a lovely spot you have there x

  4. Cool things as always Zara. I hope the stress & decision making passes you by soon. I love Shack and often re-read it as a little holiday/escape. I love the really rough, old school shacks the most. Love your puzzles too x

  5. You did a great job on that diary cover and I love washi tape, easily something I could buy more of:) I hope that you get an answer soon about your move. x

  6. We are in a similar situation regarding where to call home this year. Waiting waiting! It can be very unsettling. Hope things work out well. I'm sure if you do move, your place will be just as lovely xx

  7. Love the pair of cat ears. Such a good idea to cover your diary. It looks really great.
    It would be unsettling waiting to see if you will need to move home. Imagine the new thrift shops you could find if you do move. I hope you find out very soon. Xxx

  8. Gorgeous! I'm especially loving that stack of books and that super cute diary cover.
    Sophie x

  9. Love the diary cover, Zara.
    Those beads you were gifted are very pretty. They match the beans from your vege patch!!!
    What a handsome little reptile - great for keeping the snails off that vege patch.
    Very cute cats' ears standing to attention at your front door!
    I do hope your dilemma is solved very soon so that you can plan out your year and get on with it.


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