Friday, 4 January 2013

for twenty thirteen.

Looking back on my list for 2012 i have been able to tick a fair few off...
get in the kitchen more

make some of my pinterest pins
design labels for my handmade pieces
get a worm farm (or two)
try macaroons
visit new op-shops

display my thrifted collections
& take more photos
Some remain medium/long term goals...
like building or renovating my own home
opening my own homemade business to sell my wares
holidaying in Tasmania
& keeping bees.
others have not been ticked off at all. full time, shift work sure played its part in this this..
attending farmers markets as often as I'd like
go camping
volunteering at an op-shop
& attending a permaculture design course.
for 2013 i'm aiming to:
slow it down a bit.. especially on the full time work front
eat more wholesome foods and expand my recipe base. the recent acquisitions of two river cottage cook books will be very helpful here
dress in more thrifted, vintage outfits
try my hand at crochet and knitting
keep up with this blog. with more give-aways and maybe a couple of tutorials too.
looking forward to seeing you all here in 2013


  1. I really liked hearing about your retrospective take on 2012 and the successes of the year. I think it is therapeutic to tick off a list.

  2. Your pictures are lovely! Here's to a new year full of possibilities, dreams & goals! xx

  3. Great thoughts and photos Zara...there are those pink canisters again! I think I am going to have to investigate the River Cottage books myself. At the risk of repeating myself I love your mantle display. Wishing you a wonderful year x

  4. Love your milk glass collection. I never seem o be able to find good pieces.
    Kate xx

  5. It sounds like you've got a wonderful new year planned, I just love the River Cottage series must get my hands on one of those books. I love all of that milk glass, so very pretty:) xx

  6. Wow, it really looks like you have accomplished so much and you have such lovely goals to work towards too. Well done, I feel very privileged to own a few things with the Zaranne label on them x


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