Sunday, 30 December 2012

the past 7 days & the seven to follow


Kitchen Aid juicer attachment gift
unwrapping the final advent present revealing this pretty handmade necklace and magnet
from my grand mothers china cabinet & thrifted 
more no-knead bread. this time with pumpkin soup
gifted to my other half. highly recommend both these books
thrifted LGBs
tiny baby cucumbers
relaxing in the dappled sunlight
coming up this week:
doily sewing
what i wore
thrifted finds
review of 2012
hopes and plans for 2013


  1. Oh! Little Golden Books! Love them, mum's kept all of ours. My favourite is 'The Monster At The End Of This Book'. :)

  2. Hope you're doing a bit of relaxing in the sun too.

    Happy New Year! Glad to have "met" you this year. x

  3. I've very similar little cucumbers in my patch at the moment. Happy New Year to you Zara.

  4. Love everything, and your beautiful blue hydrangeas Zara.

  5. Looks like a lovely 7 days to me. The gourmet farmer book looks interesting, haven't come across it, must google. We have cucumer flowers and huge plants, cant wait for the first although i have enough on finding recipes for all the spinach, broad beans and globe artichokes i've pulled out and picked this week!

  6. Is that Clarice Cliff???
    You lucky, lucky thing!
    lovely photos and things all round.

    1. It's Royal Doulton. The design is called Maybells. It used to sit on my great uncles desk holding his pens and pencils.

  7. That jug is stunning! I wondered if it was Clarice Cliff too. What a score! Thanks for being my swap partner Zara. May 2013 bring you every good thing x

  8. Gorgeous images! Love the little golden books! It's slow lovely days here too, my favourite thing about this time of the year x

  9. Gorgeous everything Zara..I am so making that no knead bread this week!

  10. What lovely gifts, you are very lucky. A kitchen aid juicer attachment, I am interested in that sounds like a great add on. That cup is divine, how special.

  11. The photo of the juicer attachment is a perfect still - how cool is the pink and orange against the dark?! Love all of these actually :)


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