Saturday, 15 December 2012

stills: 5

a week full of:
job application writing
7 days working
advent gift unwrapping
christmas gift wrapping
a couple of days away planning
vintage suitcase packing
apple pie baking
new magazine reading
house tidying
vegie garden watering


  1. All the best with your job like that bean shoot and reach forth! I saw a documentary on a little vine that sends out a little tendril that makes a circular motion and when it grows long enough to touch something as it's circling it finally grabs onto it and then does the same again growing taller and taller. We have to be a bit like that too...stretching up!

  2. Happy Sunday Zara, lovely images from your place as usual. That apple pie looks amazing x

  3. such lovely snippets here, z. xx

  4. I love seeing these snippets into everyones week. That pie looks delish Zara and I'm currently reading those same magazines.


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