Monday, 10 December 2012

christmas: gift wrapping + add yours too

The christmas advent swap was the perfect excuse to get in and try out some of the many gift wrapping ideas out and about at the moment.. here are a few I tried all using brown paper, a simple and classic base wrapping suitable for any occasion through out the year..  maybe you'll find a couple useful in your Christmas gift wrapping this festive season.

paint chip garlands and picture books

atlas pages and twine

lace and washi tape
(washi tape purchased from this etsy store which I highly recommend for its wonderful service and quick postage)

repurposed thrifted bingo cards, unique gift tags

toy tree and twine

fabric bunting and machine stitching

& buttons and string
my first time doing this little link up, and i would dearly love to see the creative wrapping in which you are giving your christmas gifts in...


  1. They look great...I'm afraid mine are not so artistic ...I'm going for the Frenchy look this year! :-)

  2. I love your gift wrapping! I am a long time user of brown paper (before it was trendy and probably long after!!) and currently enjoy using crochet embellishments. No linky love this time though as I haven't any to show (yet). Love this idea. I'll be back to see what others are doing too. xxx

  3. I recall getting a rather lovely present from you a long time ago that was beautifully wrapped. They all look too nice to open!

  4. i want to pin so many of these ideas-i especially love the bunting related ones. i am having a bit of a wrapping extravaganza at the moment so i shall endeavour to photo and collate into a blog post over the next couple of days and join in (and get even more ideas from everyone else). excellent linky x

  5. Wow Zara, your gifts are so beautifully wrapped. I love the attention to detail and am rather envious of your recepient :)

  6. Your wrapping is so lovely - and so many ideas I'd never thought of. Must be lovely to receive one of your gifts :-)

    Now if only I'd taken some pics of the recently wrapped goodies that have now left my house....sigh. I've got more wrapping coming up though, so hopefully your linky will still be open!

    Happy Monday! xx

  7. I wouldn't want to open these gorgeously wrapped parcels Zara, I'd be so worried about wrecking you handiwork. Really, they take my breath away!

  8. Inspiring Zara! I love them all x

  9. Those presents are so gorgeous!
    They are almost too pretty to unwrap!

    My toddler did some potato stamping on butcher paper and we are using that to wrap presents this year!

  10. Very inspiring! At least you've taken photos to remember all of these beautifully wrapped parcels.

  11. Love your parcels Zara, the paint chip bunting is great. mel x

  12. Your wrapping is amazing! My fav (apart from my dear friend the unicorn) is the atlas one. So cute and so much effort. Very special.

  13. Great blog and love your photos and here is a Liebster Award for your blog. Go here to see what the award is about.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous zara. I adore the plastic tree. Cute. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.


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