Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Realising that..

new cook books are best put to use rather than just looked at
although I've still got much to learn in nursing my knowledge and experience is slowly growing
days off always, always go quicker than days at work
op-shops are becoming more popular (and their prices are starting to reflect this too)
mail is a wonderful pick-me-up after a long day
coffee in the Winter sunshine with a friend is the perfect way to spend an hour on a day off
it's hard to know what to say to a dying patients relatives. Sometimes nothing at all


  1. Gosh, you have a difficult job. I have the utmost admiration for you and all nurses.

    Food porn...

  2. I also admire nurses Zara, I don't know how you do it. Your days off are well deserved!

  3. i was a nurse too so i know only too well how challenging it is..it's demanding on every level..physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually..often the workload is just too demanding to cater to anything other than the immediate physical needs of the patient and that often left me feeling inadequate and sad..in my opinion nurses are still underpaid and undervalued for the work they do but at the same time it is a very rewarding job..in so many other ways..x

  4. i totally agree about op shop prices!

  5. I hear you, Zara.
    Cook books - I tell myself that same message.
    Op Shop prices are very haphazard - a bargain find one day will be overpriced the next.
    Just having a thoughtful nurse to show quiet support to both patient and their family is more than enough. xx

  6. Oh Zara I bet you are a beautiful and compassionate nurse. I think that saying nothing is okay too, just nurturing and respecting your patient during the end of their life speaks volumes to them and their loved ones.

  7. I think the manner in which you tend the patient, kind and respectful, would be worth more than words to the relatives...really...it takes a special person to work in palliative care situations...x

  8. My sister is an RN and it really makes me realise how hard a job you nurses have - you are all way under appreciated...

    You're right, op-shops are becoming really popular these days, our local one has increased its prices also.

    Jodie :)

  9. Sometimes words are not needed Zara.

    Totally agree with the rise in op shop prices. I found a charity shop and was pleasantly surprised at how cheap their prices were.


  10. wise and sage words indeed!

    rachel xo


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