Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Out-and-about: Millthorpe

Today we took a drive out to the lovely Millthorpe. Located about a 20 minute trip from Orange (with lots of new little lambs in the paddocks to look at along the way at this time of the year) this is one quaint little town that's for sure. With plenty of old buildings, boutiques and cafes to enjoy; a stroll down the cobbled, bluestone bordered streets in the Winter sunshine was the perfect way to spend my day off.

We dined at the Old Mill Cafe which several friends had recommended, and it did not disappoint. Homemade Curry Chicken pie just out of the oven and hot chips was on the menu, enjoyed in the little cottage courtyard, and at a very reasonably priced $12.

I don't think it will be long before we take another drive out that way, maybe next time on a weekend when all the shops and cafes are open to cater for the day trippers and weekend holiday makers.



  1. It looks like a adorablle country town and great pics Zara!

  2. I adore little old country towns fille with history! Sounds like a gret day out. x

  3. Lucky you to have a brilliant blue sky and sunshine! No forecast like that on OUR horizon!
    We had a delicious lunch at the Old Mill Cafe a few years ago. I love Millthorpe. Have you ventured out to Carcoar yet, Zara?
    What a change to have such pleasant weather on your days off!


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