Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pink, floral and thrifted.

The perfect storage solution (already in use), $4

And the scores of the month so far...

Yes it's Pyrex, it's pink and it's floral- Perfection.
For only $3.

But the pink floral Pyrex goodness doesn't end there.

Yes there is more.

This one with heated serving stand and a box of replacement candles, for $6.

My second piece of Pyrex with the serving stand and within a couple of weeks of each other.

Thrifted anything lovely of late?



  1. Oh I must confess to being quite jealous lol, I have been searching the thrift stores here for a pyrex/casserole dish but have had no luck :) I would love to find something like yours somewhere :) I shall keep up my hunting. Ruth xx

  2. Oh my goodness! An "Ohhhhhhhhh" escaped my lips when I saw that pyrex!!! LOVE!!!!! <3

  3. Awesome finds!! I have the pink rectangle one, so sweet! It's the only pink Pyrex I've seen IRL, and here you've found 2 in a week!! Great finds!

  4. You are on a pyrex roll at the moment Zara- that pink is spectacular. melx

  5. Pyrex with a cover and a stand is fabulous but it's pink so that makes this Pyrex piece awesome!

  6. Your Pyrex finds are so pretty Zara! The rare times I've seen those pastel colours in Pyrex, they've been more than $20 a piece. Well done you!

  7. I'm loving your pink pyrex! Would love to see all your collection laid out! x

  8. Pink is so hard to find - lucky you!!

  9. I love that Pyrex pattern. Not least because I have the same as your second one (mine is minus lid though). I too can't pass up lovely old canisters. Anything that can be used as storage is high on my list as it is both beautiful and functional.

  10. That is a fabulous piece of pyrex! And the tin is pretty too. :)


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