Sunday, 10 June 2012


After weeks and weeks without a piece of milk glass in sight, I spied this one.. onto the mantel it goes with the rest of the milk glass family. A bargain at $2.

With a couple of new cookbooks being purchased in recent weeks, and many a page corner folded over in the biscuit chapter, a tin was on the wish list... now just to fill it.

And inside a little surprise, a couple of old photos.

Dreaming of a holiday...
a small souvenir jug.

Into the dresser with this one to join all the other pastel hues (20c).


  1. oooo love that beautiful ornate johnson plate and the tasmanian jug. i too, would love to visit there one day. i haven't spied milk glass in these parts for ages, but then again i do live in the same city as mel (bungalow bliss!) :) i still have my little 3 vase collection that i snapped up whilst in the states. a home is definately prettier with milk glass. have a great sunday lovely. xx

  2. Love the milk glass Zara, I found a bowl the other day and a vase and was hopping around with joy. Often it is months between pieces though. melx

  3. ohhhh that milkglass. I am desperate to find some. It's so rare in my neck of the woods. I love the old photographs. What a fun surprise!

  4. Love the milk glass of course!!!! so awesome!

  5. i love the milk glass too but all your other finds are great treasures too..

    milk glass is rarer now but i did find a beautiful vase recently..i couldn't believe my eyes..

  6. Oh you are collecting milk glass too! I *love* it and it's such a treat to find it. The design on your piece is really pretty. All your finds were great!


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