Thursday, 14 June 2012


Farmers Market flowers
Gifted crockery by the lovely Susan after a delightful morning tea
The kitchen dresser straining at the weight of the collections
A touch of the season
Lamb pie from the little butchers shop three houses up the street
Sewing room decor
My new favourite kitchen addition (an early birthday gift)
Reading material for both myself and the other half


  1. Do I spy a kitchenaid??? Your house is lookly lovely. xx

  2. You'll love your Kitchenaid Zara, I've had mine (boring white one) for years and I use it all the time. Your house is looking really lovely btw, all that J Bros! Wow! and that dandelion pattern is one of my favourites.
    Is that leaf as big as it looks in pic?

  3. Things look lovely at your place Zara :)

  4. Your place is lovely. It looks like a real 'home' :)

  5. Lovely looking spaces you have, I too just purchased my Kitchenaid, I still can't believe it's actually mine, love your colour!

  6. Your place is sure looking gorgeous Zara, so many lovely treasures to be seen.
    Absolutely love your hutch :)

  7. your place is looking lovely with all your gorgeous things like the cupboard groaning under the weight of your johnson collection..i agree with will love your kitchenaid..i've only had one for a few years but already i can't imagine being without it..jane

  8. this is my third attempt to leave a message..i don't know what's going on with blogger but it's being a pain..anyway i just wanted to say how lovely i think your home is with the softness of timber's a look i love..

  9. zara, your house is so beautiful! love the johnson collection in the dresser and that kitchenaid...hello! what a beautiful insight into your beautiful world! xx

  10. Love the cutlery on the dresser in loaf tins! What a fantastic idea!
    The floral plates are just gorgeous too :)


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