Sunday, 1 April 2012


My first Vera scarf, $2...

tablecloth for crafting, $2

a decent sized Pyrex bowl, $3...

and more silver ware 10c-$1 a piece. 

There was a bit of an article in the collection bit at the back of the April 2012 Country Style mag on silver cutlery-
Country Style also has a new blog, which can be found here.

A six day working week for me and it's day 5 today. Gee am I looking forward to a sleep in. 

For a whole heap of op-shopped treasures head over to Sophie's.


  1. You have found some gorgeous stuff Zara

  2. Beautiful photo of the silverware on the wooden table? I'm itching to know what your planning for the embroidered table cloth, a cushion cover perhaps?

  3. Ohh I love that bowl such a pretty print and colour. Good scores Zara. xx

  4. Oh boy I love those fluted spoons! Just gorgeous! The beautiful Pyrex.

  5. Oh I have a piece in that same colour pyrex. What a great price too. I love both the colour and design. Can't wait to see what becomes of the linen.

    PS Enjoy that sleep in. 1 more day!

  6. Love the silverware, especially the spoons.

    Thanks for the tip on the country style blog.

    Enjoy your sleep-in.

  7. I have that exact mixing bowl- got it for my birthday and I know it cost more than $3! I use it every day and love love love it to bits. Enjoy yours and looking forward to see what becomes of that fabric. Remember it takes a good 6 months to settle into shift work before you get your groove. melx

  8. I have a piece in the same colour and style too. Love the linen as well, so pretty.

  9. that mustard pyrex pattern is my fave... love the bowl! great finds!

    Kel x

  10. Love that large Pyrex bowl and the little shell-shaped spoons. I hope you have more special finds on your days off this week.

    Interested to know if you decided whether to paint those lovely chairs pictured on your blog a few weeks ago. If so, would love to see a picture.

    For some reason I've not been able to successfully post comments on your blog (nor other blogs I follow) for a few weeks, but I am still here enjoying your thrift finds etc.

  11. Great finds and thanks for the link to the blog, looks like it will be a good one! :)

  12. I have a small identical pyrex bowl that I found in Albany earlier in the year and last week found the large one to match.
    Lovely finds Zara, love the silverware :)

  13. it's a happy day when you spot a Vera! And it looks like a pretty one!

  14. I love that tablecloth for crafting, it's really simplistic and pretty. Great finds!
    Your blog is splendid!
    xo Maria

  15. Nice buys!

  16. I love your beautiful tablecloth and scarf. Great finds.


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