Monday, 26 March 2012

Home again...

The bags were packed and away we went

 Mr. Tom Tom was on the most part helpful, but there was an unexpected trip across the harbour and back again. Arr well.

Ferry journeys were had

and new sweet treats were consumed

(now to bake my own)

a bit of pocket money was spent, on new

and thrifted.

Welcoming accommodation was very much appreciated

with beautiful art adorning the walls

the new dress (with thanks to Christina and Shabby Apple) had a couple of outings

and quality time with loved ones was had

So all in all a wonderful long weekend, but I must admit it's good to be home. 
A spot of op-shopping is on the cards for tomorrow then it's back to earning rather than spending.

How was your weekend ?


  1. Welcome home. I love Sydney and how you can travel by water.
    Beautiful dress and glad you could fit in some op-shopping. :)

  2. I have been eyeing off that book too is on the wishlist! Is it as good as it looks? Your weekend looks lovely.

  3. it sounds like you had a lovely time! That dress looks gorgeous on you!! xx

  4. I miss the op shop. It's been a few weeks it seems. Maybe a holiday in Sydney could be the go!

  5. Ah I see you have a copy of Rhonda's is totally fab!
    Sounds like a fun trip :)

  6. Shopping for both new and old items, looking nice in a new dress, a water journey, and spending time with loved ones, sounds like a perfect trip. Welcome back.

  7. Great post, a bit of everything!


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