Monday, 11 July 2011

Birthday Day

Another year down... I celebrated my 22nd Birthday today and what a lovely day it was.
Treated to a hot home cooked breakfast upon awakening, of fresh eggs from the chookies, the last of the tomatoes and a couple of snags won last night at the meat raffle at the local bowling club.

And I received some beautiful and very thoughtful gifts too. This book, Kitchen Gardens of Australia: Eighteen productive gardens for inspiration and practical advice, by Kate Herd. With amazing photography by Simon Griffiths.

What I found interesting and useful was each of the 18 chapters for each garden beginning with stats including the area of each garden, climate type, soil, average rainfall, water source, method of irrigation and the type of fertiliser and mulch utilised by each gardener. As well as an illustration of the layout of each garden and the location of the different elements.

And how's this for a good idea..An old ladder as a garden trellis.

A huge 28cm cast iron enamel coated casserole pot was another of my favourites. After hearing of a few others boasting of their results; and seeing Tania's post on her one over at Ivy Nest and maybe making a few subtle hints and adding it to my wish list, I received this beauty. It does weigh a tonne, but I can't wait to put it to use; not tonight though after all that cake.

I would love to hear any of your favourite recipes or useful recipe books for making meals in these casserole pots.

Happy Monday all.


  1. Happy birthday Zara! My favourite crockpot recipe is a slow cooked lamb shank recipe I found in a Madison magazine...but also available here -

    very simple and always delicious - a great one to serve in winter too.

  2. looks like a lovely birthday! that book looks awesome :) im always look at ways to expand and improve my little vegie garden... some of those pictures look divine!

    Thanks for signing up to the sheet swap :) cant wait to see what you create!

    Kel x


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