Thursday, 6 November 2014

milk glass, florals and yellow

a collection of op-shop finds from the last couple of weeks. I've visited a few different op-shops of late, some in Kiama, yesterday saw a drive to Canberra so of course that meant a sticky beak around a couple of oppies there, and then today around the local ones here in town.

milk glass- 50c to $4 each
a sunny yellow chair to add to the mismatched collection that surround the laminex kitchen table. I only discovered the Australiana design while giving it a scrub when I bought it home ($5)
pretty florals ($8 for the both)
a huge Pyrex dish ($6)

have you discovered any op-shop treasures lately that just had to come home with you?


  1. I LOVE the chair Zara and $5 is amazing .....I think with the Australian design it would be very collectable xxx
    P.S the ice bath for our broody chook does seem to have worked

  2. I love (and I mean LOVE!) that yellow chair.

  3. I am with Kylie on the chair Zara...LOVE

  4. What wonderful treasures. That yellow chair makes me swoon. LOVE.

  5. That chair is a real find! Australian treasure not often found. LOVE what a bargain what a treasure!
    Milk Glass fab too

  6. Object statement
    Chairs (4), Emu decoration, wood, Melbourne Chair Company, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, [1908-1930].
    Production notes
    Made by the Melbourne Chair Company at Down Street, Collingwood, Victoria.

    An application for the registration of the design, number 253, featuring an emu and Australian flora was lodged with the Australian government in 1908 by the Melbourne Chair Company's owners Albert Benness, James Caskie McDonald and Frederick Johnson. The application notes they were trading as Benness, McDonald and Johnson.
    History notes
    Said to have been bought by the vendor's parents at the time of their marriage in about 1908.

    The Melbourne Chair Company was established in 1894 by Albert Benness, James Caskie McDonald and Frederick Johnson in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood. In 1908 they applied to the Australian government to register various designs featuring Australian native fauna and flora. Registered numbers correspond to particular designs - No.252 for the kangaroo, No.253 for the emu and No.254 for the lyre bird. A fourth design No.255 was also registered. The application for each of these notes they were trading as Benness, McDonald and Johnson.

    This text content licensed under CC BY-NC.

    Four Australian chairs (LC). Emu pattern ... kitchen chairs, three identical with seven round dowels tapered at both ends, round turned front legs and rectangular one-piece back legs, two round turned rails linking front legs, two plain round rails linking sides, one plain rail linking back legs, cross piece at back steam-pressed with emu pattern (2 emus against a rising or setting sun and framed by flowering eucalyptus sprays and ferns) and "Rd 253", seats of thin wood pressed with a floral pattern, original varnish covered with a white paint, made by the Melbourne Chair Company, 20 Down St, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, date c 1910 (SB).

    found this for you!
    Read more:
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial

    Enu design chair registraion no 253 application made to the Australian Government design registrationin 1908 EMU DECORATION mELBOURNE CHAIR cOMPANY, Collingwood Victoria Australia 1908-1930 Trading as BenneSS McDONALD jOHNS. (Sorry about the typing)

    1. Wow, thank you Monique.
      It's very interesting reading about the history.
      One of the back spindles on mine is missing but apart from that it's in pretty good condition, especially considering its age. I'm so glad I rescued it from the tip shop, the furniture is mainly kept outdoors there and with the on and off rain we've been getting it wouldn't have taken long to get water damage.

  7. I love little milk glass, I have a few of the little hobnail bud vases........I've also been known to use them as egg cups lol. The chair is wonderful.

  8. Love the milk glass, love love love the chair!

  9. Love it all but especially the Pyrex :-) My fave recent find is a set of TAMS soup pots with saucers :-)

  10. Loving that pyrex....I find it funny that I'm constantly drawn to pyrex lately! Xx

  11. The chair's a beauty - all of the items are choice finds - but I love the chair and its emus and its sunny colour. I've just stumbled upon your blog and see you were in the Southern Highlands - my folks are at Bundanoon - and have just moved west. I lived in the Central West and have friends much further out (much further). I hope you settle in and come to love it.


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