Saturday, 15 November 2014

things i'm liking now

a few of my favourite things.

dreams that turn into plans, that turn into reality... have you seen the amazing idea that Rohan and Kate have. It's called the nursery project. it will be a place where you can get in there and experience growing your own vegies, picking, preserving, foraging, hunting, cooking and eating. and you can contribute towards making this dream a reality. every little bit helps.

garden growth... there are so many baby apples on the tree. self seeded poppies and nasturtiums are blooming too.

a bouquet of rosemary.. the plants needed a good trim so in came the stems and into a milk glass vase they went.

op-shopping... I've scored some beautiful pieces of clothing lately- a denim dress, lace cropped jacket, polo shirts, a handmade skirt as well as milk glass, a length of linen fabric for sewing and floral sheets.



  1. I'm liking what you are liking :-) xxxxxx

  2. I am liking what you are liking Zara :-)

  3. All gorgeous, glad somebody's having luck at the op shops, I obviously need to be trying harder :-)

  4. Yes! Love the idea of the nursery project. I've been following along. Love your list of favourite things. Oh and working on your dress, just a slow progress with other things needing doing. Xx

  5. Hello Zara. Lots of lovely likes and sounds like some wonderful op shopped goodies..shall we expect a fashion parade soon then? Leax

  6. I got my photo from Kate this week - I love what those guys are up to. Such a brilliant idea. Love rosemary, too - I'm hoping to get some in my garden in the future.


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